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State Coordinator: Paula Tyler

I am a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Patriot, and freedom fighter.  My days commence with a cup of coffee with the news on the TV and my laptop open to my news feeds.  Trying to inform, educate, and motivate fellow citizens to stand up, get active, and get involved!  I like to say my focus is on Elections, the whole process from registration to watching for flawed elections or fraud.  But my focus changes with what is thrown at conservatives on a daily basis.

I joined Smart Girl Politics in February 2009 and became the State Coordinator in April of that year.  The mission statement of Educate * Engage * Empower really spoke to me, as I felt by educating the women of Tennessee and the Country we would begin to make a difference. 

I enjoy getting out to Tea Party events, Conservative meetings, and Rallies.  I have especially enjoyed the Smart Girl Summits and look forward to everyone!

My biggest pet peeve is hearing our Country referred to as a democracy!  We are a Republic and the Constitution guarantees us a Republican form of government!

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