Smart Girl Parties

Smart Girl Politics Action has made it our mission to reach out to women who have not previously been politically active.  In 2012, we are reaching out to more women in more communities than ever before.  Each month, SGPA will provide information and resources to our over 45k members to host Smart Girl Parties in their communities with their friends and families.

The fact is that conservatives must find new and original ways to communicate our ideals and principles of limited government, free market solutions, and individual responsibility to a greater audience. With your help, we will reach a new group of volunteers and activists while turning our members into community leaders.  Please consider hosting a house party.   You do not have to host one every month.  You can pick and chose which monthly subject is most important to you and share the information provided with your friends.

Here are four things you can do now to get involved and host your own Smart Girl Party in your community:

  1. Plan your own house party now.  We provide you with the monthly tool kits to get you started.
  2. If you can't host a party this month, you can still volunteer in many other ways.
  3. Limited on time, help SGPA continue our efforts with a small donation this month.

We will feature hosts and house party feedback in upcoming editions of Smart Girl Nation.  Make sure to share your photos and details about your party with us by using our party feedback form.  We want to hear from you.

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