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I believe women, particularly conservative women, need to have a voice in the fight. The feminist movement has become the voice of the left and all other women are left behind. The feminazis do not speak for me and nor should they be allowed to speak for other conservative women. Together we can take back our voice, our place in society, our country, and be heard above the raised voices of the left trying to shout us down!

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AWESOME! This was such a great piece and if makes me sad I never got to know this friend of yours. She certainly seems like the kind of hero I’d have loved to spend time getting to know!

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Loved this piece! Excellent points there is a time to be outraged and this example from Men’s Health not one of them! I love sports…played in high school, played in college, Coached high school and Coached in College. I know plenty of stats considerably more than my non-sports watching husband!

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Had Obama came out after being elected and stated something like, “Since I am a civilian and have never served, I do not feel it appropriate that I return salutes. I understand President Reagan started this tradition but I feel no sense of obligation to carry on with something that President George Washington would have objected…blah blah” then MAYBE it wouldn’t seem like such a rude gesture. There would still be those on the Right who would call him out but I could swallow his “I never served” logic much more easily than his ill attempts at demonstrating proper military bearing! Just my opinion as a veteran.

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Heartbreaking to think these monsters could escape justice because justice wasn’t blind and took into consideration the religion, ethnicity, race, etc. of the perpetrators in-spite of the harm done to the victims.

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Yes, it does seem that Americans are overwhelmed with one crisis after another…to the point they have become immune to them. I attended a Town Hall meeting recently held by our US Congressman and only around 65 people bothered to even show up…but you can bet hundreds or even thousands in the Congressman’s district will complain about the border issue on Facebook and elsewhere!

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Great points…I had read her article and thought it was over kill to charge her with a crime. Had she been gone for half an hour or longer then yes it may have been criminal neglect…maybe…but not 5 minutes. What about the parent who lets her child take the subway alone at age 5? She is perfectly within her rights but many think it’s dangerous. A 4 year old is capable of getting out of the car if he or she is so hot it becomes dangerous and the risk of them being kidnapped is probably less than the risk of being shot by a robbery gone bad in the store.

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It is a small thing but the fact they allow as little as a $1 to be donated is huge…Many people will not give $10 but almost everyone will give $1…so if you set the floor at $10 and reach 1000 people with 50% saying, “No thanks”…you have missed out on a possible $500 because maybe that 50% would have given $1…just my thoughts. It is also nice to see an artist giving back in a positive way!

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Excellent points Shannon…just as you admitted you could not speak for all children raised in single mom households…Whoopi and View Crew…should also realize they cannot speak for ALL children in single parent/mom homes. Trying to say that a woman can do everything a man can do or that a man can do everything a woman can do is simply a lie. Great article

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Cate, I don’t think anyone including Miss Nevada is insinuating that learning self defense is a solution for stopping rape. I think we all understand that it is a cultural attitude which puts women in danger. (However, there are also individuals who just have psychological disorders that preclude it being merely about cultural up bringing…some rapist are simply monsters and no amount of “retraining” or “reconditioning” would make a difference) Going back to your point, yes we need to stop the idea that a woman in a short skirt has given her consent to have sex by virtue of what she is wearing. However, this will NOT happen in the next 5 maybe even 10 years…so what are the ladies who are living through this “cultural training era” suppose to do while we wait for boys and men to learn to “know better”? I think learning self-defense is a wise course of action not only to help prevent rape but also assault and other acts of violence that are perpetrated on women by other women as well as men.

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Jaime, I think if you paused and reflected on what your statement, “YES, America did save the world” means to other people around the world you might feel differently. I was fortunate enough to be at Normandy during the 70th anniversary events this month and I met several veterans of D-Day…including British and Canadian veterans.(Interesting note here: Scotty (James Doohan) from Star Trek fought for the Canadian Army and was shot several times while storming the beaches of Normandy. He lost a finger, was hit in the leg, and would have died from the chest shot had a silver cigarette case not stopped the bullet…he went on to fight across Europe)So, you would have me tell them and all their friends who wounded or died on those beaches at Sword, Gold, and Juno that their sacrifices were insignificant and their courage wasn’t necessary because ONLY America had the “balls” to charge onto the beaches at Normandy?? Really?Wow, that is just offensive and I mean truly offensive. You would have me tell the Canadians that their participation, the Australians, the French Resistance, etc. that all they did was irrelevant because ONLY America can be credited with defeating Germany and Japan? Even though the Russians lost 10 MILLION soldiers and another 10 MILLION civilians AND even though they are credited with having inflicted nearly 75% of ALL German causalities, that what they did was insignificant because America won the war without their sacrifices and contributions? Honestly Jaime? My husband works at NATO where many of the nations who were involved and suffered during WWII now work side by side. I have these men and women over for dinner and I cannot imagine telling them that their grandfathers, uncles, aunts, Mothers, and Fathers etc. who suffered, survived, fought or died in this war did so in vain because America didn’t need their sacrifice to win the war…we were so amazing we could have taken on the entire German army and Japanese army single handily. (Even though we did not) I had my husband read your post and he is a LTC in the US Army and his Grandfather was in the Tank division that helped push back the German army…He noted that this was an inaccurate and insulting post to all of our allied friends. The LEFT loves to make up facts and out right lies but we on the RIGHT are called to a much higher standard. I am a teacher of history and there is no way under Heaven I could or would remain silent when such a statement “America didn’t Help save the world, America SAVED the world” is made and then supported by saying we won WWII by ourselves. Again, I love my country which is why I served in her Navy, it is why I am proud to be an Army wife to a man with 20 years of active duty service. However, PRIDE is discussed in numerous books of the Bible…Proverbs should very nearly be called the Book on Pride…One of my favorites is Proverbs, 27:2 “Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; a stranger, and not your own lips.” America should be proud of our role in the two World Wars…but we should not be so arrogant as to claim we did it ALL on our own or that we were the only nation with the men or the technology…a large portion of the technology came from other allied forces. Just FYI, the plans for Operation Overlord were largely put together by British General Bernard “Monty” Montgomery who was in charge of ALL land forces going into Normandy. Yes, Ike was the Allied Supreme Commander but he, like America, did not act alone.

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Military wife(Army), mother, US Navy Veteran, 15 year veteran teacher, BA History/2nd Ed., MA in HRDV, and currently working towards Ed.D in Educational Leadership. Enjoy reading, writing, politics, my family, good wine, and traveling.