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I believe women, particularly conservative women, need to have a voice in the fight. The feminist movement has become the voice of the left and all other women are left behind. The feminazis do not speak for me and nor should they be allowed to speak for other conservative women. Together we can take back our voice, our place in society, our country, and be heard above the raised voices of the left trying to shout us down!

  • commented on Vaccines: Is One Size Fits All Best for Our Kids? 2014-04-19 08:35:56 -0400
    I did something similar with my guy…I refused to have him on the “prescribed vaccine schedule” I spread the shots out a great deal more and he is just fine. Like you I felt it was my right as a parent to determine when my “stay at home child” should be given numerous shots. Having a friend with two autistic children who constantly shared stories about potential vaccine problems made my decision to spread the shots out all the more easy.

  • commented on UPDATE: We say never forget.... 2014-04-18 03:32:36 -0400
    I have a friend living in Kyiv, Ukraine and he says there is a great deal of “propaganda” being put out to make it appear that a group of Neo-Nazis are at work in Ukraine. Another friend has put me in contact with a reporter living and working in Kyiv, Ukraine so I hope to get better confirmation soon. I was just given his contact information yesterday. We can all pray this is not true…it may well be more Russian propaganda to gain sympathy for another invasion. Time will tell…

  • commented on Eric Holder’s Racism Is Unacceptable and It Must Stop 2014-04-13 13:14:50 -0400
    His “My people” comment goes right along with his bosses attitude that it’s “Us against them”…us being any white or black conservative…and when it comes down to where the rubber meets the road…he really means ALL whites, regardless of your political ideology…he only endures the folks who are not “his people” for their usefulness.

  • commented on How My Dog Became A Campaign Consultant 2014-04-08 09:21:37 -0400
    LOL…politics has gone to the dogs! Not sure if you knew this or not but Hitler also used his dog to make major decisions on battle strategy…it didn’t work out so well for him but sounds like Shasta has had better training!

  • commented on Moms helping criminals: How your bumper stickers could be putting your family in danger 2014-03-26 15:42:06 -0400
    Tami, I am well aware that criminals case their intended targets. I merely stated that I have not heard of any cases where they have used bumper stickers to case someone they attacked or robbed, etc. I looked at the links you gave and it’s just standard PSA from local law enforcement. Nothing that says, “Hey we’ve seen a rash of break-ins that have been tied back to information gleaned from bumper stickers.” That’s all I was saying…it would be interesting if such cases begin to appear… I stand by my original comment that the majority of criminals are not so bright…if they were it’s likely they would not be criminals. At least, that was my experience and it tends to be what I hear from my best friend who works for the FBI and from many other friends who work in law enforcement…but I could be wrong.

  • commented on C’mon Guys! Can You Strut it Like a Girl? 2014-03-26 01:36:46 -0400
    Well, I was able to watch the first video but I couldn’t stomach the actual Beyoncé video…sickening. Would agree that having a guy play that part would look utterly ridiculous but then I think SHE looked utterly ridiculous and what lyrics…Wouldn’t pay one cent for her “music”.

  • commented on Hillary Clinton's Foggier Bottom 2014-03-12 02:58:33 -0400
    As far as I’m concerned…the recent actions of Russia demonstrate the abject failure Hillary Clinton as Sec. of State. As I joked earlier…she took the now famous “Re-set Button” to Russia and re-set the US/Russia relationship back to 1945…pre Cold War…I’d say we are headed perfectly into the next Cold War!

  • commented on A Cross and the Constitution 2014-03-12 02:52:12 -0400
    Another story of interest and similar circumstances is the story of the cross from 9/11. It was apart of the cross beams from the collapsed building and it was in the shape of a cross…atheist want it taken down as it was put up to honor those who were killed…I think since it was never originally built to be a cross but rather through the actions of terrorist, was shaped like a cross…it should stay. Some may say it is similar to a cross while others will note it represents standing tall when all around you has fallen. There is no doubt that the Founders did not intend this level of restriction on Christians and Christian symbols.

  • commented on Florida Democrat Had This to Say about Immigrants 2014-03-03 02:36:12 -0500
    We need at least 3 other news networks who are at least as conservative as Fox to have any hope of swinging the propaganda back to the truth! Given the success of Fox News, I’m surprised no other groups have considered this option. Democrats like Alex Sink will continue to get a free pass from the current liberal media in hopes that they can finally “Sink” the Conservative movement forever!

  • commented on Obamacare Supporters and Their #WarOnCancerPatients 2014-03-03 02:28:32 -0500
    It is both disgusting and infuriating! Not even sure who I am more angry with…Obama, his minions, or the Media…oh wait…they’re his minions as well!

Military wife(Army), mother, US Navy Veteran, 15 year veteran teacher, BA History/2nd Ed., MA in HRDV, and currently working towards Ed.D in Educational Leadership. Enjoy reading, writing, politics, my family, good wine, and traveling.
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