Welcome to the Smart Girl Politics Pink Rose Club & Rosebuds

Smart Girl Politics was designed to be a community for conservative women to learn, to grow, and to mentor each other. Our hope was that, by starting it, we could help women feel comfortable within this environment that they would take what they learned and become activists, candidates, and leaders within their communities. It is through the generosity of our members that we have been able to grow to almost 45,000 members.

The Pink Rose Club recognizes those members who have financially contributed $100 or more to Smart Girl Politics in a calendar year. This club is open to all members and supporters who champion our cause. SGP relies on the generosity of our members who donate their time and financial resources to ensure we have the ability to achieve our mission.

Please consider donating to our mission and become a part of this fantastic group. Pink Rose Club members will receive special benefits as part of their membership.

Benefits Include:
A Limited Edition SGP Lapel Pin
Special Discounts on SGP Products
Subscription to the Pink Rose Club Newsletter
Advanced notice of SGP and SGP partner events

Special Thanks to Our Pink Rose Club

Jan Adams
Joy A. Aktalay
Sandra Armstrong
Katy Benningfield
Michele Bilodeau
Lori Blair
Bridget Blanton
Mary Allen Bradley
Alison Brown
Diane Burnett
Celene Calvagna
Barry Carson
Londa Carter
Marcia Chambliss
Judith Chesnutt
Sandy Chiong
Sue Colaluca
Susan Collins
Kathi Creed
Rebecca Dewan
Pat Dizney
Robert Dobrient
Diane Durdaller*
Sara Fendia
Martha Frank

Ada Hartz
Pamela Helms
Barbara Gartmann
Margaret Gasper
Candi Goldman
Diane Goza-Hendrick
Sharon Hargrove
Becky Hassinger
Michelle Hearon
Ginny Hegge
Stephanie Henry
Diane Hernandez
Julia Hodges
Theresa Hubbard
Esther Hunte
Darlene Hyjek
Becky Johnson
Karen Jones
Joanne Joy
Debbie Kramer
Linda Krieger
Michelle Lancaster*
Cheryl Lavette
Deborah Lavinsky
Rosa Leonetti
Joanne Levy*
Denyce Lucatorto
Eilleen Ludwick
Loren Lyall

Steve Mabardy
Wendy Maglothin
Leslie Marone
Roxanne Martinez
Leslie Miller
Catherine Minerich
Amber Morin
Karen Mortland
Rhonda Murphy
Lisa Norton
Susan Olsen
Colleen Owens
Robert Payne
Christina Pearsall
Marra Peche
Holly Podkowa
Steven Purvis
Tammy Redmon
Gilia Rethman
Mary Rhode
Gena Rinckey
Betsy Ross-Hooper

Joyce Sachs*
Mary Schulte
Ashley Sewell
Lucinda Sheth
Mary Sims
Sabina Skulsky
Patricia Smiley
James Smith
Vicki Soos
Becky Sramek
John Stolte
Marsha Stringfellow*
Kelly Studdert
Katie Sutter
Leanne Tawoda
Hilary Till
Sharon Topping
Judy Uecker
Beth Vann*
Kara Veinotte
Anne Weaver
Elizabeth Weimer*
Barb Wilson
Linda Wolfe
Deb Woodruff
JoAnn Young*
Marcia Zwick

* These members are two-year donors!

We started the Pink Rose Club earlier this year to recognize those members who have made donations to SGP of $100 or more. Recently, a member made a very generous donation and asked that she not be recognized as a Pink Rose Club member, but instead that we start a different category - The Pink Rosebuds. The Pink Rosebuds are to be sponsored college-aged SGP members with all of the rights and privileges of a Pink Rose Club member, brought in by a donor.

Please find our first Rosebuds below!

Amber Morin Kristin Patras
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