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FTR Radio and Smart Girl Politics team up for Sandy Relief 11.19.2012
#Helpinghand: FTR Radio, Smart Girl Politics team up for Hurricane Sandy relief effort 11.19.2012
VIDEO: SGP GA 06.29.2012
VIDEO: Michelle Malklin mentions #SGP (Around 8:20) 06.16.2012
Smart Girl Politics Action! 04.21.2012
'We know when we are being pandered and played' 04.06.2012
Conservative women to White House: You don’t speak for us 04.06.2012
Democrats Do Not Speak for Republican Women 04.06.2012
They Do Not Speak For Us 04.05.2012
Smart Girl Politics say Pelosi, Fluke and ‘War on Women’ crowd ‘Don’t Speak for Us’ 04.05.2012
Smart Girls On the Left’s Political Manipulation of Women 04.05.2012
Smart Girl Politics answers on behalf of conservative women 04.05.2012
They don't speak for me 04.05.2012
Women's Activist Group Reacts To 'War On Women': They Don't Speak For Us 04.05.2012
Smart Girl Politics: They Don't Speak for Us 04.05.2012
Video: They Don’t Speak For Us 04.05.2012
Republican Party Chair: “War on Women” Talk Completely Bogus 04.05.2012
The Day That Andrew Breitbart & Company Came To Tucson 03.09.2012
CPAC 2012: Uniting against a common enemy 02.06.2012
Video: National School Choice Week Panel Discussion Jersey City NJ 01.31.2012
Video: School Choice Scholarships in NH 01.23.2012
Tea Party Hosts Bob Bowdon This Sunday 01.20.2012
National School Choice Week Press Conference - LOB, Concord 01.20.2012
Alabama's women conservatives are a force to be reckoned with. 01.18.2012
Does the GOP have a problem with women? 01.10.2012
Who's afraid of Melinda Tankard Reist? 01.08.2012


How Sarah Palin's followers are rebranding for the future 11.25.2011
C-Span Video: Phyllis Schlafly At The Smart Girl Politics Summit 10.17.2011
Chambliss supports constitution through activism 09.14.2011
The Tea Party Conspirators and the REAL Story Behind the Tea Party Movement 8.30.2011
Women of the right 8.21.2011
SGS11 Coverage 7.29.2011
Herman Cain’s Packed Speaking Schedule 7.27.2011
Andrew Breitbart to Address Smart Girl Summit 7.27.2011
Teri Christop on with Adam Tragone of Human Events 7.26.2011
Herman Cain will spend seven days in Iowa before straw poll 7.26.2011
Smart girls to host a ‘women-only’ presidential straw poll this weekend 7.26.2011
Engaging, educating and empowering 'Smart Girls' 7.21.2011
Missouri GOP candidates target conservative women here for summit 7.19.2011
From Clinton to Palin to Bachmann: Why some Dems now support GOP women 7.18.2011
Texas State Coordinator is mentioned on the Michael Berry Show(around 7:45) 6.30.2011
My Review of The Undefeated ... Game On! 6.23.2011
Shaun McClusky: Support Relief Efforts for Wildfire Victims 6.20.2011
Sarah Palin Documentary, The Undefeated, to be Screened at Smart Girl Summit on July 30th 6.13.2011
The Undefeated, New Controversial Film about Palin, to Screen at Conferences 6.13.2011
Conservative women enthusiastic about Bachmann, Palin 6.5.2011
Stop Environmentalists’ War on Women 5.29.2011
The Smart Girls ‘Get It.’ How About Giving Them A Hand by Getting Involved? 5.27.2011
Bus line offering tours of border 5.25.2011
When Oprah Was On 5.25.2011
Flatliners: Senate Democrats and the Budget Process 5.25.2011
Fred (News/Talk 1370 WSPD) talks to SGP Founder & President 5.09.2011
‘Wonkette’ Attacks Trig–Here’s Their Advertiser List #TrigsCrew 4.20.2011
Arizona Smart Girls Leading The Way 4.8.2011
Trying to figure out who conservative women back for president 4.4.2011
The Boehner of Reality 4.4.2011
The first-ever presidential straw poll for women: why it’s important 4.4.2011
Stacy Mott on Sue Jeffers News 100.3FM 4.2.2011
Keeping the Fight Alive 4.1.2011
First they came for your light bulbs. Now Soap. 3.31.2011
It’s time to balance the federal budget 3.31.2011
Beware the nanny state its coming for your soap 3.31.2011
No More Wipes? 3.31.2011
SGP President, Stacy Mott on Roger Hedgecock. (Segment about half way) 3.29.2011
The EPA Takes On The Deadly Scourge Of…Hand Soap 3.29.2011
Kicking and screaming 3.28.2011
Now they're coming for your hand santizer... 3.25.2011
It’s cool to be conservative, kids! 3.17.2011
The Nanny State Strikes Again - No Hand Soap for You! 3.14.2011
Women in Politics: Groups Aim to Increase the Numbers in 2012 3.11.2011
Tim Pawlenty: Tea party time with major speech in Phoenix 2.25.2011
The evolution of the conservative woman 2.16.2011
Conservatives 'Don't Know What' Chris Lee Was Thinking 2.10.2011
New Resource for the Conservative Gals 1.20.2011
CPAC boycotters 1.10.2011
Good Ol’ Girl 1.6.2011

2008, 2009, & 2010

{We have lost all past articles for 2008, 2009, & 2010 - Please check back as we slowly find and add them}

'Smart Girls' vs. 'Freaks of Nature' 10.02.2010
#TCOT’s co-founder asks Mike Duncan to step aside 12.21.2008
The FundamentaList 12.17.2008
The B-Cast: Conservatives Embrace Twitter to Gain Online Traction 12.12.2008
Conservatives gaining ground on Twitter 12.10.2008


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