Mitch McConnell: Establishment Going to "Crush" Tea Party Challengers

Mitch_McConnell.jpgFresh off his appearance at CPAC, the largest conservative gathering in the country, Mitch McConnell had some interesting things to say about the Tea Party candidates who are challenging long standing establishment Republicans around the country.  In an interview with the New York Times published this weekend, McConnell was quoted as saying:

"I think we are going to crush them everywhere, I don't think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country."

This is certainly a strange statement coming from a man who was just begging conservatives at CPAC for a Senate majority and railing against Harry's Reid's "smear" campaigns. 

In my opinion, there is nothing smarmier or more disgusting than a Republican who talks out of both sides of his mouth. One moment he is talking about how the Tea Party is a bunch "bullies" and needs a punch in the nose, the next moment he is playing it up to conservative voters at CPAC, and the next moment after that he is talking about how established Republicans are going to "crush" Tea Party candidates 

I don't know if Mitch McConnell's Tea Party challenger, Matt Bevin, has a good chance of beating a Democratic candidate in November, but what I do know is that Mitch McConnell needs to go.  Politicians like him are the very essence of what is wrong with Washington and we, as conservatives, shouldn't allow ourselves to be pushed to vote for people like him simply because we are told a conservative candidate "can't win".  The establishment has tried to shove candidates down our throats before and look what happened; we lost the White House - twice.  

The only time conservatives have thrived in elections is when we have stopped listening to the establishment. So this year let's put our ear plugs in, put our blinders on, and vote our principles and maybe this election we can prove that we know better than Washington.

Hopefully, in 2014 we will be saying "so long" to Mitch and his establishment friends and "don't let the door hit you on the way out".  

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Elizabeth Vale is a blogger, speaker, and political activist who lives in South Florida with her husband and four wonderful children.  Elizabeth homeschools her children and is active in her local church and community.  You can find her online at God. Parenting. Politics., on Facebook at her page Elizabeth Ann Vale, and on Twitter @GodMomPolitics.
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