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Thanks guys!
Shannon, you crack me up :)

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Excellent work on the actual monetary costs of ACA. There are other costs many haven’t considered. My son recently had to spend time in the children’s hospital (he’s fine, now. He got lots of wonderful care while there, and the hospital had a lot of nice touches. A harpist that traveled around, a pull-out bed not just a recliner for parents, edible options from a room service menu for parents, tons of games, a business center on the floor, a play room, a kitchen staff that called me personally to discuss my son’s restricted diet (and they had lots of excellent alternative for him to eat) not to mention all the great healthcare/medical amenities. I haven’t gotten any bills or an EOB (explanation of benefits) from Tricare yet. However, if it is anything like his last hospitalization 2 years ago it will be eye-opening. at that time, the EOB had the total cost of my son’s hospital stay at $17,000 – that was what the hospital, doctors, etc. billed Tricare. Tricare reimbursed them $1,600 (no, I did not forget a zero). That’s right less, than 10% for everything that went with a 5 day hospital stay.

And here’s the kick in the teeth to the hospital: they have to write off the other $11,000 because of their contract with Tricare, which means I don’t get a bill for $11,000, but the hospital will never see that money. Tricare has basically been Obamacare. How will hospital be able to offer the services (medical or otherwise) they do now if they make no money? How will anything stay open if they are being reimbursed at that laughable rate? And the reimbursement rates won’t go up. As ACA pushes private insurance options from the market, the amount of write-offs hospitals and other healthcare providers will have to take, because of contractual obligations with government provided insurance, will only increase. Which means: they’ll eventually go out of business when they can’t meet their financial obligations. Which means: more people fighting for fewer healthcare providers. Unless, of course, you have piles and piles of money. ACA will only make care more scarce and affordable to the super rich – which is the opposite of the promise Obama and Pelosi made.

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Thanks! glad you guys like it. Too bad I had to write it :/

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yes! we have to get the middle man out of healthcare! I tried to get an appointment with a neurologist, willing to pay cash. they wouldn’t even let me schedule because they didn’t take my insurance. what is that about?

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Kayla- I guess we can assume that means they agree, OR that O’Reilly’s guest was right: none of the others were Americans of African descent, so they didn’t want to go there.

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everything I wanted to say, and more. perfect. (and I’m not saying that just because I get a shout out ;)

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Kayla, a friend of mine tweeted tonight that she got the RNC srurvey and donation request. I told her to do exactly what you did: throw it away, saver her money, and buy me a latte. Nice Job.

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Mark- we need licenses for rights? How ‘bout just some common sense? Not to mention, a lot of people who have driver’s licenses are pretty crappy drivers (in the past week I’ve seen drivers make a left on a red arrow at least once a day, and right on red without stopping at thrice that rate). So the license in no guarantee of anything except the fortitude to wait in line at the MVD. oh, and driving is a privilege, not a right. Thanks for reading!

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C Genge-Thanks! I know I’ve relayed this tidbit elsewhere, but one of the reasons I am a 2A enthusiast and write about firearms and 2A (and am the way I am) is because of my dad. One of my most formative moments occurred in 6th grade. The teacher said the 2nd Amend was only for military people. I went home and tattled to my card carrying Libertarian father. I believe a chat ensued between my teacher and my dad. He won.

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Tami, this is very timely for me, since I’m considering giving up paying work (that i’m lukewarm about) to work on a campaign (that lights a fire in me). You know my one answer: the grass roots needs miracle grow. But, outside of that, I think mentoring would be a great tool for activism. I think a lot of people, especially young conservative leaning women, feel that they can’t sit out anymore. But, they don’t know exactly what to do, how to connect, whom to connect with, or what talents they have that could be useful in activism -especially if they are new to politics.

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