Evil Christians Attempt Covert Take Over of Education

The picture of this sign is representative of all Christians around the world, but especially here in America…at least that’s what K.C. Boyd would have you believe in his article How the religious right is undermining education. In the article, Mr. Boyd declares that school choice,  homeschooling, and charter schools are the work of devious Christians who “played an effective long-game that continues to win (and corrupt) the hearts and minds of a significant segment of our youth.” So, according to Boyd, teaching not to murder, steal, lie, covet, and to honor ones mother and father or to do unto others as you would have them do unto you…is “corruption”. I suppose he would rather we teach them how to kill, steal, lie, cheat, dishonor, and bully individuals. (this would qualify them for Politics or perhaps a position as president of Planned Parenthood.)

Boyd then leaps across a chasm so wide it makes the Grand Canyon seem like a simple crack in the sidewalk. He uses “…Biblically driven, often racist, members of society” when referencing Christians, and finishes with no evidence to support such claims (I know, this is a typical liberal leftist tactic, but still it needs to be called out). I decided to do a little fact checking on Boyd’s assertion and found some FACTS (if someone could please help Mr. Boyd look that word up so he can follow along). The KKK (Klu Klux Klan) currently has an estimated membership of 4,000…yep, you read that right--there are four thousand idiots still hiding under sheets. The Aryan Nation (also known as Neo-Nazis, Aryan Brotherhood, etc.) according to the Federal website for terrorist groups, has an estimated 25,000 members in the United States. According to the latest data available (2010), there are 246,780,000 self-declared Christians in the United States. So, using simple math, we find that these numbers give us a percentage of self-declared Christians who are also racist of .009% in the United States.

Mr. Boyd proceeds with his claims by stringing together random names and connections to School Choice, which he then connects with Dominionism (sort of reminded me of the game SIX DEGREES of KEVIN BACON). He states that the Devos family--namely Dick Devos and Betsy Devos, along with members of the Prince family (also connected to the Devos family by marriage)--plus the Walton, Koch, and Scaife Foundations are all co-conspirators in the plot to take over public schools and our government through the use of School Choice. (I do not mean to sound snarky here, but perhaps someone has been off their meds a little too long) He claims they are secretly infiltrating schools and curriculum with their Dominionist theology, but he never produces a shred of evidence beyond citing his own fictional book (fiction is, by definition, something invented by the imagination or feigned--see Merriam-Webster).

Education is a major force in our country. According to the government census website there are 77 million students, ages 3 and up, who are enrolled in educational programs in the United States. Boyd would have us believe they are all under a secret attack--of which none are aware--and the would-be attackers are a tiny group of individuals who can do tremendous damage, all while lurking in the shadows (and they say Christians are fear mongers?). Boyd does, at least, admit that the Dominionist group makes up a tiny fraction of Christian churches in America but he is undeterred in his push to prove a connection exists. If we take the largest Christian church in America, which according to Christianity Today has a membership of 43,500, and do that simple math, we find that they make up only .017% of all Christians in America…factor all the Christians in the world into the equation, and it comes to a paltry .0019%. (OH MY HEAVENS, it is Armageddon) Please note, it is highly unlikely the Dominionists have a church even half the size of the one I used, but for benefit of the doubt I went with the biggest number available to point out the idiocy of Boyd’s assertion.

Boyd continues his fictional tale by using hyperbole to expound upon the “effort to increase Biblically based education through redirection of tax dollars.” Again, he provides no evidence whatsoever--other than his own work of fiction--to support his claim. (Although he does offer a benign, minimally relevant video clip of Dick Devos speaking to The Heritage Foundation) As if his fantastical tale of covert Christian operations were not fable enough, he continues with the following unsubstantiated statement: “Groups with heartwarming names like The Alliance for School Choice and American Federation for Children encourage naïve donors to support vouchers for reasons that are as deceptive as they are fundamentally non-democratic.” (Mr. Boyd, here would have been an excellent spot for a hyperlink to some statistical evidence)

Boyd goes on to say that Christians should not be allowed to be on school boards because of their beliefs. Essentially, by omission, he intimates that Muslims, Buddhists, Sheiks, Hindus, Atheist, etc. are all free to serve and introduce their viewpoints. Only Christians are singled out as evil for wanting their voices to be heard and represented in education. Somehow THAT seems very “non-democratic” to me.

Boyd was not yet finished with his hate speech towards Christians and their faith. He attended a Christian museum and made the following statement about their Creation production: “The films’ protagonist travels a journey that begins with her puzzling over evolution and ends with the affirmation of Genesis as the only viable Truth.” He conveniently forgot to mention that public school now teaches evolution as the only viable truth, despite the FACT (there’s that word again) that evolution is a theory…by definition, and UNPROVEN...by its very nature. Boyd never bothers to answer why this belief is right above all others. Perhaps he has discovered all the missing links himself and simply wishes to unveil them in his next work of fiction.

Boyd concludes with “…Christian-based schools, charter schools and Christian homeschooling, a generation of children so educated will graduate from high school ill equipped to face the realities of a science based world.” He's has obviously never taken the time to read Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, or perhaps he lacks the intellectual capability of grasping its meaning. Either way, he should know that for thousands of years the human race has existed, thrived, and excelled without the knowledge of science as we know it today. Our nation, whether he likes it or not, was not founded on science but on a Judeo-Christian underpinning that upheld the Bible for nearly 150 years as the greatest educational tool for young and old minds alike (see numerous primary letters, speeches, and founding documents for proof).

Our Founding Fathers graduated from originally CHRISTIAN schools like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. They went on to serve in offices as high as the President of the United States. A few notable names include John Adams, John Hancock, Samuel Adams, Robert Paine, William Ellery, Rufus King, Fisher Ames, Timothy Pickering, Noah Webster, William Livingstone, Oliver Wolcott, Zephaniah Swift, and many more which are too numerous to mention. These men were founders of our nation--many signed the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, or held political office. So, Mr. Boyd, you are a poor student of history, a failed professor of Christianity, and an incapable student of research or statistical analysis. You write drivel for the slobbering left, who unapologetically spew their hatred of Christians and then attempt to hide behind the false (unsubstantiated) allegation of racism. You, Mr. Boyd and your ilk, are the very definition of bigots. Webster (you know, the Christian Founder who graduated from Yale and wrote the American Dictionary of the English Language) defines bigot as "a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices: especially: one who regards or treats the members of a group (in this case, Christians) with hatred or intolerance."

Photo credit:  http://schooloffish.files.wordpress.com/2007/10/free_thinker.jpg
Shannon Grady is married to an Army officer and mother to a great little boy. She's a veteran of the US Navy, a former law enforcement officer, and currently a teacher of 15 years. She has a BA in History, an MA in HRDV, and is working on her doctorate in Educational Leadership. 
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commented 2013-03-10 05:54:14 -0400 · Flag
I thought Boyd showed that typical progressive blindness to hypocrisy in his rantings of Dominionist conspiracies. He speculates that a non-government group is trying to gaining control of the children’s minds via classroom indoctrination masked as education. Does this mean Boyd is going to do an expose on teacher’s unions for his follow-up piece, or does he only subject Christians to this kind of speculation?
commented 2013-03-08 14:30:59 -0500 · Flag
Maya, if Boyd were the only poor student of history the left might have some hope, unfortunately, he appears to represent a large number of individuals in his political group. The point you make about his politics being his religion is exactly the point I was referencing when I mentioned Plato and his cave…

d-wreck, I am glad you enjoyed my cheeky retorts…I do like to spice things up a bit and make the reading more enjoyable. You are spot on with your assertation that evolutionist refuse to discuss the things they can’t explain…transition fossils being but one in a long list…They also produce laughable responses to evidence that contradicts their fossil “proof” of evolution…such as the skeletal remains of dinosaurs with spears inbetween the rib cage…they explain this away as happenstance…somehow the arrow managed to fall into an abyss where the dinosaur was already fossilized and lodged itself there making it look like it had been there all along…really? THIS is credible science? We are in trouble!
commented 2013-03-08 13:29:32 -0500 · Flag
Fabulous content with a cheeky retort around every turn. My favorite part is the “evolution is a THEORY”. Evolution is the best solution to creation that humans can create. However there are far too many holes in this “THEORY” for it to be taught as the only possible solution to the question of “How did we get here?”. I ask yet again to any and all evolutionists, Where are the transition fossils? I have yet to find even one credible explanation. Great article.
commented 2013-03-08 12:13:39 -0500 · Flag
You are right to call Boyd a poor student of history given what our earliest Universities, and our nation, were founded on. But, I think Mr. Boyd is a dope because he actually agrees with that sign in the picture. The only people who don’t agree with that sign are the one questioning their own existence. What I mean is, every religion, or political philosophy (which, for Mr. Boyd, his leftist political philosophy is his religion), wants its adherents to think along a certain set of guidelines. The religion/philosophy gives you a framework and tools through which to view the world and make decisions. A “free thinker” is really a misnomer. What we want to make sure is that we are teaching HOW to think, and not necessarily WHAT to think. Great article!