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Executive Summary

Founded in November 2008, Smart Girl Politics Action (SGPA) is a 501(c)4, non-profit organization focused on bringing fiscally independent women into the political process. We are a grassroots community of women activists who believe in the free market, personal responsibility, and limited government.

Founded by Stacy Mott and Teri Christoph, two stay-at-home moms turned activists, SGPA is one of the fastest growing social networks for conservative women in the country. Over 60,000 women from all fifty states make up the membership of SGPA. We have established organizational structures in twenty four states and continue to increase our reach to women.

In 2010, Smart Girl Politics Action was named by Politics Daily as one of the “Top Political Powerhouses to Watch” and, nationwide, we continue to grow and lead women in activism and education initiatives. We have built the organization using our strategic social media skills--tools such as Twitter and Facebook. In 2009, the #sgp hashtag was the seventh most used hashtag for the year on Twitter. By 2010, our team had successfully promoted #sgp to number three on that same list, where it remains.

SGPA began with the mission to engage, educate, and empower conservative women to get involved in the political process. While those three goals are still key to everything we do, in 2013 we will evolve to take on a much more aggressive mission.


Smart Girl Politics Action (SGPA) advocates for public policies that encourage free market solutions, fiscal and regulatory government limitations, and personal responsibility on both the state and national level. SGPA is an organization of grassroots leaders and activists who work on the ground to educate women on the impact of government intrusion in their lives. Through community, culture, and civics, we work to encourage women to become activists, entrepreneurs, and strong community leaders. SGPA supports candidates who focus on improving the quality of women's lives through policies that encourage independence, not government dependence.

SGPA supports:

  • Education reform that empowers parents and gives children the foundation for economic freedom. 

  • A simplified tax structure that gives women more control over their own financial independence.

  • Reducing legislation that puts unnecessary constraints on individuals and families.


“There can be no liberty unless there is economic liberty.” -Margaret Thatcher



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