Politics of “The Pill”

It’s election season, which means the supposed Republican War On Women will be ramping up.

If you're of the female persuasion, prepare to be pandered to, coddled, swooned, and bedazzled for your highly coveted vote. This November’s critical mid-term election will no doubt bring out the worst, and if we’re lucky... the best in politics.

Either way, it’ll be something to behold.

Nothing ignites the astro-turf War On Women narrative more than the topic of birth control. The recent Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling that voted in favor of religious liberty (and freedom!) is proof of that.

However, if you’re someone who’s trusting of the mainstream media and pop-culture-buzz about such news, the Supreme Court decision could have thrown you for a loop. You may have found yourself feverously tweeting the injustice of rich ole’ Republican men wanting to take women back to the stone age.

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Sen. Mark Pryor Releases Pro-Obamacare Ad

No, you did not read the headline incorrectly. Senator Mark Pryor (D-Ark) just released a new ad touting his decision to vote for Obamacare. 

While Pryor never says "Obamacare" or "Affordable Care Act" in the ad, he refers to passing a "law" that "prevents insurance companies from cancelling your policy if you get sick" or to "deny coverage for pre-existing conditions". Of course, he fails to mention the thousands of policies that were canceled due to Obamacare or the millions of insurance rates that went up to cover the litany of healthcare items that many Americans will never need or use.

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Is it Justice or Something Else People are After?

It is a tragedy anytime a life is cut short.  Regardless of the circumstances, death is difficult to accept.  The death of Michael Brown is no exception, what has amplified this situation is the response. The town of Ferguson is now a hot bed of tension, boiling over with riots and spilling into other parts of society.  What’s ironic is that the calls for justice, in this case, are accompanied by actions that are unjust, and this is not the first time this has happened.  While many of the youthful protesters in Ferguson are too young to remember the LA riots, the adults are not.

In 1992, when the verdict in the Rodney King case displeased the residents of South Central Los Angeles, they took to the streets rioting, looting, and beating people.  In the end, what was left was not justice for King, but injustice for all of Los Angeles.  After ten days of rioting, LA had 53 dead citizens, 2000 injuries, 3767 burnt buildings, 3600 fires, and property damages estimated at over $1 billion dollars.  Though the Missouri riots have not been to the same degree, the outcomes are similar.  What has been gained?  Media attention, destruction of property, injured individuals, and a town full of fear.  How does any of that bring about justice?

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SGS14: Pop Culture Matters

Kira_Davis_Pop_Culture_Panel.jpgAt Smart Girl Summit 2014, a panel of culturally savvy individuals, including Kira Davis, Lisa De Pasquale, Tami Nantz, and Caleb Howe, discussed conservative's decision not to engage in pop culture. Their take on it was that by choosing to opt out of popular culture, we are missing a valuable opportunity to reach an entire generation of voters, because whether we like it or not the millennial generation does participate in and enjoy this culture that we are choosing to ignore.

Many times, conservatives tend to dismiss popular television shows due to the nature of its content; whether that content is sex, violence, liberal themes, etc., conservatives will, many times, shun pop culture phenomenons as a way to show their distaste for this content. While choosing not to watch certain shows is certainly understandable, our pop culture panel believes that watching these types of shows can be an invaluable tool to help us reach the next generation of voters.

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Arkansas: A Pivotal Player in the Border Crisis

Americans are anxious regarding the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants pouring over our southern border. Last month, an online Reuters/Ipsos poll with a 2.5% margin of error, showed that 70% of Americans believe illegal immigrants threaten traditional U.S. beliefs and customs. While 63% surveyed also believe they place a burden on our economy.

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