New Citizens Remind First Lady of Founding Fathers

According to Charlie Spierling over at yesterday, Michelle Obama spoke to fifty new citizens during a naturalization ceremony at the National Archives. During her speech, she reminded the new American citizens that our Founding Fathers were not born American. Apparently there are a few people who take exception to what Mrs. Obama said, and the Breitbart author fueled the sentiments with the first line of his article.

First Lady Michelle Obama reminded attendees of a naturalization ceremony Wednesday that the Founding Fathers weren’t born in America.

Now, I’m no fan of our current First Lady, and am usually ready to wholeheartedly disagree with anything she says, but in this case…she’s technically right. Yes, I'm actually agreeing with comments made by Michelle Obama regarding our Founding Fathers. Mark my words, it may not happen again.

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These are the Times that Try Men’s Souls…Again

The United States is on the verge of imploding from within. We now have a government that has legislated itself into a protective cocoon that benefits the rich and politically connected at the expense of everyone else.

The arrogance and lawlessness that is the federal government, which We the People have endured over the past half century, is an entity that would make some of the worst dictators the world has ever seen blush.  Yet, that was nothing compared to what we are currently seeing from the Obama Administration. The constant disdain and ineptitude for our country’s laws, and the tyrannical attitude that plagues every aspect of the Obama administration, has backed us into the corner of potential economic and social collapse. The worst part, it is intentional, and there are still far too many who are willing to let it happen and actually defend these actions like the marionettes that they are.

It is unfortunate that our President surrounds himself with “yes men,” which may be a large part of his problem. Our President should have the best of the best advising him and keeping him up to date on events not only in our own country, but all around the world.  Yet, with new scandals unfolding daily and the President constantly stating that he “didn’t know until he saw it on the news,” one is left to wonder just how ignorant, careless, selfish, and/or radical his cabinet really is. 

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A Team By Any Other Name

All day my news feeds on various social media outlets have been inundated with the breaking news of the U.S. Patent office revoking the Trademark Logo of the Washington Redskins. Many of my social media friends and network are expressing outrage over this infringement of the First Amendment. For me, I’m just slightly irritated that we’ve gotten so politically correct that we’ve forgotten just why sports teams adopted Native American themes and mascots in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think the First Amendment comes into play, but I think the issue originated out of political correctness gone amuck. If you look back at the history of this country and, particularly, to the struggles of Native Americans fighting to keep their land from the white man, you have to admire their strength and determination to fight for what was originally theirs. And what is the point of two teams facing off in sports? To defend and protect what is theirs against the opposing team.

No seriously. Stop and think about that.

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Dressing in the Workplace Matters

Workplace_Dress.jpgThe Wall Street Journal recently published a great article about teaching interns how to dress appropriately and it gave me a chuckle. The article, titled “Where Interns Learn How to Dress” could be renamed “Where Professionals Learn How to Dress”.  

I live in South Florida where the dress code is generally very lax. As a displaced Midwesterner, when I first moved here it was a shock, to say the least.  As a resident of 3 years now, I understand SOME of it.

That being said, there is a time and place for certain types of dress.  As a stay at home/work at home mom of three kids, who has drop-offs at three different schools, the dress code of moms has made me chuckle.  There is the drop off uniform of serious exercise clothes, regular sweats and t-shirt, the throw something on look, and finally the pajama look. I get it. Truly.  

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The Border Crisis Is More Than a Border Issue, It's a Foreign Policy Issue

Illegals.jpgIn the past eight months an estimated 60,000 unaccompanied minors have crossed the US-Mexico border, with projections of 90,000 by the end of the fiscal year.  According to reports by border agents registering those caught coming across, 70 percent are from the Northern Triangle.  An area of Central America comprised of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, that despite the lack of media attention, has become one of the most dangerous and violent areas in the world.

Regardless of your views on immigration, and whether or not you see this as a humanitarian crisis or a result of failed immigration and border security policies on the part of Congress and the White House, this is a crisis.  It is also an issue of foreign policy.

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