Vulnerable Senators Offer a Phony Vote For Your Real One

Researching your Senator’s voting record seems like a logical way to help determine if they deserve your vote. After all, it’s straight forward, and on record, so it’s got to be legit. Right?

Unfortunately that’s not always the case, because the political establishment knows how to work the system, and have found ways around that too.

Last month, something prompted five Democrat Senators, to make an uncharacteristic move and align themselves with an all Republican vote regarding immigration. The legislation, crafted by Jeff Sessions and Ted Cruz, would have essentially put a stop to any future Obama amnesties for illegal immigrants.

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Does Cosmopolitan Care About Its Readers or the Democrats?

The Democrats are in trouble, and with so much at stake, they’re worried one loyal voting bloc may not show up to vote:

Single women

Hoping to duplicate Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s success on the national stage, Democrats are placing this coveted demographic group at the top of their priority list by using every avenue available to reach voters.

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Communists Do the Darndest Things


Earlier this week, communists and socialists alike thought it would be fun to display their ignorance in a march for “Climate Change.”  The march took place in New York City where the United Nations and President Obama’s “Let’s bash The United States Festival” is taking place. Now, most of us are used to communists hating America and capitalism and all the pollution that it brings, but what is there to say when these so called environmentalists leave a mess of trash behind them? Not only that but Vice President Al Gore, (you know that guy who sold his TV network to oil funded Al Jazeera for $100,000,000) and his entourage of Chevy SUV’s decided to show up and express their disdain for fossil fuels that made him crazy rich.  

Then there was Leo "I love my big yachts and private jets" DiCaprio marching alongside the apathetic know-nothings or simply put, the communist community, looking so sad holding his sign that some tree surly died for because weather - oh, excuse me, “Climate Change” - and the capitalism that surrounds it is destroying everything. It was hypocrisy at its finest but, you know, Koch Brothers. Or something.

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Hypocrisy & Taxes from Arkansas’ Denizen Democrat

The latest Rasmussen poll has only 6% of likely voters giving Congress a nod for a good or excellent performance.

To put it another way, an overwhelming 65% give them a poor rating. 

You’d think at least some Congressional members would hang their heads in shame, maybe change their ways, or perhaps concede they might be more productive in another profession. But no...even with these abysmal ongoing ratings, Congressional incumbents fight to hold their unpopular seats as if their very lives depend upon it.

Which can only mean one thing...the perks must be fantastic, as is witnessed when they are allowed to exempt themselves from the heavy-handed treatment from laws they subject the rest of us to.

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The President Needs to Learn a Little Respect

In what is being dubbed as the President's "latte salute", Barack Obama gave what looked like a less than enthusiastic "salute" to Marines this morning with his coffee cup as he stepped off Marine One in New York City. On his way to the United Nations, the President no doubt had plenty on his mind. 

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