500 Economists Send Letter to Washington Opposing Minimum Wage Hike

On March 12, over 500 economists from around the country, including four Nobel laureates, signed an open letter to Washington urging lawmakers not to raise the minimum wage.  

The letter referred to the report by the Congressional Budget Office that had previously stated,

"Once fully implemented in the second half of 2016, the $10.10 option would reduce total employment by about 500,000 workers, or 0.3 percent, CBO projects. As with any such estimates, however, the actual losses could be smaller or larger; in CBO’s assessment, there is about a two-thirds chance that the effect would be in the range between a very slight reduction in employment and a reduction in employment of 1.0 million workers."

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Dear Future Mom: 15 Individuals Deliver Touching Message to Mother Expecting Down Syndrome Baby

A woman recently wrote to Coordown, an Italian organization supporting individuals with Down syndrome, saying that she is having a baby and she has discovered that "he has Down Syndrome".  She then goes on to ask, "what kind of life will my child have?"  In response to her email Coordown released this touching video with the answer to her question from individuals with Down syndrome from all around the world.  

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Hillary Clinton's Foggier Bottom

The “Ready for Hillary” crowd that is encouraging Hillary Clinton to run for President is fond of pointing to her tenure as Secretary of State as proof that she is ready to occupy the Oval Office.  And indeed, when Mrs. Clinton left the State Department at the end of the first Obama Administration, she received much obsequious praise for her tenure at State.

But hindsight is 20/20 and the Clinton legacy at Foggy Bottom now looks like a train wreck, one year after.  Susan Glasser’s piece for Politico Magazine in December is a valiant effort to apologize for the mediocrity of Clinton’s tenure at State, but in the end, even she has to conclude that Hillary Clinton’s work as the top American diplomat did little to recommend her as our next President.

Name any country in the world and ask, is this country better positioned to be a friend to the U.S. and a guardian of human rights for its people than four years ago? By and large, the answer would be no.  The Middle East is in more profound chaos than before – including, of course, the Benghazi crisis in 2012 when then - Secretary Clinton fell asleep at the wheel as terrorist aggressors killed our ambassador and dragged him through the streets.  Latin America is moving towards autocracy in capitols across the continent, and Venezuela is dealing with open violence in the streets. The nutjobs in charge in Tehran are closer to a nuclear weapon than ever before, and North Korea’s increasing aggression is going unanswered.  In retrospect, it is clear that Hillary Clinton left the world a much more dangerous place for America than it was when she was confirmed as Secretary of State.

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A Cross and the Constitution

Crosses are often erected near roads and highways to honor the victims of motor vehicle accidents. These make-shift memorials, placed by family or friends of the deceased, pay tribute to lost loved ones.

But will this be a thing of the past?

As reported on The Kelly File, a California mother, AnnMarie Devaney, was pressured to remove a cross she had placed on public property to honor her dead son, who was hit by a car and killed two years ago.

The American Humanist Association, a Washington, D.C. based group committed to the separation of church and state, notified Lake Elsinore, CA council members that the religious display was unconstitutional and must be removed. 

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Republican David Jolly Wins FL-13 Special Election

Republican David Jolly won Florida Congressional District 13's special election tonight, taking 48.4% of the vote, Democrat Alex Sink took 46.5%, and Libertarian candidate Lucas Overby took just over 5%.  This race was seen by many as a bellwether race and a strong indicator of things to come for election year 2014. 

This race was also crucial for Democrats who desperately wanted this seat as a gain in the House of Representatives. According to The Hill,

"Facing a 17-seat deficit in the House, Democrats can’t afford to lose one of the few toss-up seats left in the country. Such a failure would undercut their message that they can put GOP-leaning seats on the map or even compete in places where President Obama narrowly won in 2012". 

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