Sen. Pryor’s Arkansas: Women Can Read, But Don’t Know Much About Politics

Just in case you haven’t heard... women are a HOT commodity when it comes to politics. Everyone is vying for our votes, and politicians will say, and do, just about anything to get it.

Presidential elections brought the term "War On Women” into the daily lexicon, and today’s Congressional races want in on the action.

Take for instance Arkansas Democrat Senator Mark Pryor, who’s enduring a grueling campaign where the stakes couldn't be higher. Should he lose his coveted seat to his challenger, Republican Tom Cotton, it would likely tip the scale toward a GOP Senate sweep.

Times like these call for dialing-up the "War On Women" rhetoric, as did two Mark Pryor ads that go after his opponent. 

The hardest hitting ad features “Courtney,” who began her proclamation with a somewhat patronizing script of, “I read a lot.” (Gee, I wonder if she can chew gum and tie her shoes at the same time too? Anyway...) It’s the sweeping and misleading accusations which follow that are finally starting to taint the “War On Women” mantra...

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Scotland Decides Its Future Via the Ballot Box: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

Over the centuries various countries and civilizations have fought for their independence by way of war or protest.  In what is anticipated to be a historic event tomorrow, Scotland will pursue a bid for independence.  In democratic fashion, the Scottish people will head to the ballot box and vote “yes” or “no” on a referendum as to whether to stay united with the United Kingdom or break free.

If the referendum passes, Scotland will officially declare independence on March 24, 2016.  This will mark the first time since 1986 (Hong Kong not withstanding) that the British Empire has lost a territory.  An independent Scotland would also be the first new country to enter the world stage since 2011.

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Senator Pryor’s Stand-Alone Spending Habit Detrimental for Taxpayers

Slurp, slurp, slurp...hear that? That’s the sound of our financial futures being sucked into the black abyss of government spending.

While household discretionary income is dwindling down to nothing, families are being forced to pay more for essential needs. Responsible Americans are adjusting their personal finances, and we expect our elected officials to do the same. Still, some liberal lawmakers are having a hard time changing their tax-and-spend ways.

According to the National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF), almost all Arkansas legislators are getting it right.

With the exception of Senator Mark Pryor, the Arkansas delegation of the 113th Congress sponsored or co-sponsored legislation that would reduce net federal spending by an average of $92.8 billion.

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The NFL: National Football League or Narrating Future Life?

Before getting married, I was what you would call a casual sports fan.  With the exception of the Olympics, sports were an occasion not a way of life.  However, in marriage things change and compromise is the goal.  So I traded CSPAN and morning news for ESPN and Mike and Mike.  Needless to say sports news is a part of daily life now.  However, in recent years it has become the action of athletes off the field of play that has dominated the headlines as much as their accomplishments on the field.  Names like Rice, Pistorius, Peterson, Hardy, and Hernandez have become synonymous with violence.  But are these isolated incidents?  Are they a result of on field competitiveness spilling over off the field?  Or have the actions of society over the last several decades finally manifested themselves in the microcosms of professional sports for all to see?

In the cases currently tormenting the NFL, I believe we are reaping what we have sewn.  Professional athletes are idealized. Here we have a profession where you essentially work half the year and make more money in one season than most people will earn in their entire life. This was not always the case. When Joe Namath was drafted his contract was for $427,000. This year’s first draft pick, Jadeveon Clowney, has a contract worth $22.3 million. Almost every male athlete I have taught believed he would go pro; none have.

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“Let’s Compare George W. Bush to Hitler” Says Teacher to Students

If ever there was a single case for homeschooling your children, this could be it.

While George W. Bush has had his share of adversaries, for someone to compare him to Adolph Hitler is just plain ignorant. A sixth grade teacher, who asks their students to conjure up connections between him and Hitler, is outwardly demented.

Yet, three days prior to September 11, that’s exactly what happened in a Washington D.C. school. Students were instructed to use a graph and compare President Bush and Hitler for a homework assignment.

The children were instructed to gather background information for the assignment from texts previously distributed by the school. 

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