In the Fight for Energy Production, Why is it Nature vs. Need?

Oil_Well.gifAs summer has gotten into full swing, gas prices across the nation have once again crept to the $4/gallon mark.  The last time gas was under $2/gallon in the United Stages was November of 2008.  Since then the price has fluctuated, but the average is consistently around $3.40/gallon.  According to the EIA (Energy Information Administration), at the current rate of consumption the US has enough natural gas for the next 92 years, and recently calculated estimates show 7.4 billion barrels of oil and 6.7 trillion barrels of natural gas in the Dakota/Montana region alone.  These deposits are just beginning to be excavated.  So why are Americans paying so much for gas?

One reason is the constant debate between environmentalism and fossil fuel energy productions. It never ceases to amaze me how if you are pro-drilling you must automatically be anti-environment.  I find this argument ludicrous.  I love nature, I love animals, I have dozens of “earth bags,” and I attempt to recycle whenever possible. However, whenever I say we should be drilling more I invariably hear that drilling is bad for the environment and we need to care for the earth by investing in alternative energies.  Awesome!  I am all for investing in alternative forms of energy. 

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Colbie Caillat Has a Message for Women That May Surprise You

I have a teenage daughter, and have been amazed over the last few years by the pressure she feels to have her makeup and hair just perfect before she exits the house in the mornings. Regardless of how naturally beautiful a girl is, the pressure to be perfect is something that has become more and more prevalent in our society today.

Don't get me wrong, I think makeup is pretty awesome stuff. I've always had the motto that if a barn needs some paint, then by all means, paint it...but I think sometimes the "paint" becomes our identity.

Grammy award-winning, singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat is kinda tired of having that expectation thrust upon her and she's more than a little bit tired of being photoshopped at every turn. After a little inspiration from an unexpected source - a man, she decided to create something for her latest album that would speak to this issue. The video you see below is the result - her new single, Try

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Teenage Girl Knocks Down Her Bullies in an Epic Way

Sometimes when you're faced with big-mouthed bullies, the best thing to do is hold your head high and throw their words back in their face. That's what teenager Carleigh O'Connell did after being teased about her body by her peers.

In an attempt to publicly humiliate her, Carleigh's tormentors spray-painted, "carleighs ass" on a cement block by the ocean.

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The Border Issue is Tragic, But Still Illegal

Border.jpgWhat is happening in the Northern Triangle is tragic.  The fact that the families feel they have no other choice but to send their children on a journey over thousands of miles, alone, across several nations, is heartbreaking.  However, it was a choice, and that choice included breaking the law.  The thousands of Central American citizens that are amassing on the U.S. southern border are attempting to cross into this country illegally. They are circumventing the law, and straining an already overloaded system.

Yesterday, President Obama held a press conference in Texas addressing what he calls a “humanitarian issue on the border.”  His speech addressed several things, the first being that he plans to do “the right thing by the children,” although he did not elaborate on what that is exactly. While he did not say when or how the children would be returned, he did say “it is unlikely that they will stay.”  Second, he made a point of explaining that that the immigrants are entering mainly through “one sector of the Rio Grande Valley,” that they are being apprehended and detained, and that there are “more agents on the border than ever before.” The third aspect of his speech dealt with Congress.  He made it abundantly clear that Congress holds the cards right now, by explaining that his office has petitioned Congress for funding in order to carry out the necessary actions needed to resolve the current border issue.  He went as far as saying that if Congress had acted on immigration last year, or the year before (SB 744—an 1198 page immigration reform bill—has yet to be introduced in the House), this border crisis could have been avoided.  Essentially, he laid the bulk of the issue on the door of partisan politics, specifically Republican politics.

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Kay Hagan Thinks "The Pill" Trumps the First Amendment

kay.jpgIn light of the Supreme Court ruling on the Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby case, the two candidates facing off in North Carolina's hotly contested senate race came out swinging.

In a statement following the ruling, Republican candidate Thom Tillis said “Today the Supreme Court made a strong stand in two cases for important First Amendment freedoms – the right to not be forced to pay union dues and the right to religious freedom. Although today was a loss for Kay Hagan, Barack Obama, and the Washington bureaucrats who want to run our lives, the American people are the clear winners".

Incumbent Kay Hagan's campaign followed his statement with their own press release,

“I am extremely disappointed in today’s Supreme Court decision. It is shameful that a woman’s access to contraception is even up for debate in the year 2014. The choice about whether to use birth control should be between a woman and her doctor, not her boss, and no employer should be allowed to interfere with a woman’s access to contraception. The contrast on women’s health in North Carolina could not be clearer today as the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision allows some employers to interfere in women’s access to health care. While Kay opposed an amendment that would let employers interfere with access to health care for their employees, Thom Tillis believes that it’s acceptable to let corporations and employers interfere with contraceptive access for their female employees.”

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