Is Relativism Opening a Pandora's Box?

Morality is an age old subject.  Webster defines morality as “particular principles or rules of conduct.”  Traditionally, despite being a nation that promoted freedom of religion along with separation of church and state, America had a moral fiber based on Judeo-Christian principles.  Today it does not seem so clear.  In everything from music to movies, college campuses to corporate boardrooms, the idea of relativism has taken root. 

Nowhere does this seem more prominent than in today’s growing generation.  In speaking with a group of teenagers willing to share their views on morality, an overwhelming majority stated that when it comes to morality (or choosing right from wrong) the determining factor is the situation itself.  They believe that if you can justify your action it is morally acceptable.  While several admitted they had solid views on morality, they also said their views could be changed.

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The Gaffe That Could Cost Sen. Mark Pryor His Job

Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor is having a tough run this campaign cycle. First, the two-term senator, doubled down on his support for Obamacare which has many folks scratching their heads.

Then, he approved a hyperbolic campaign ad, so outrageous it garnered national attention and recently landed a spot on The Daily Show.

Named by Roll Call, as November's second most vulnerable senator, Pryor probably doesn’t want to see his name attached to anymore unflattering lists. 

Yet, a statement by Sen Pryor, just made The Hill's “Eight Biggest Campaign Gaffes.” The blunder that landed him on the list was about his Republican opponent, Tom Cotton's military service (emphasis added)...


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So you think you’re cool huh?

In the past few days, a video of a 15 year old Bay Village Ohio boy with autism that was nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge has been circulating social media to raise a very different kind of awareness: bullying.  Apparently, a group of this child’s peers thought that it would be so cool if they poured human urine, feces, spit and cigarette butts on this young man who thought he was doing something good for the world.  This writer, and just about everybody else who has seen the video, is disgusted by this repulsive barbaric act that will go down in the history of just how awful people can treat others. 

For the ones who were under the false impression that they were being funny, you are now hated by just about everyone who has the internet.  You have shown what a bunch of jerks you really are and I promise you, the ill-conceived notion of what you think is “cool” will haunt you for the rest of your lives. 

In case you geniuses didn’t already know, the internet is forever.  Someday your kids or someone you may try to get a job from will see what you did.  Chew on that for a while.

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The Unthinkable British Scandal You Need to Know About

Americans and the British share a bond that goes back generations. As leaders of the Western World, we are put in the natural position of role model and protector of those who seek freedom, equality and justice. Yet these basic principles are being twisted, and used by those who aim to destroy us.

The constant onslaught of scandals over the past few years is proof of that. It’s getting harder to hide the slow and painful death of liberty, and one such British scandal that just erupted acts as a warning call to us all.

As tax payers, we hope that our hard earned money goes toward social services that help the truly needy. And who could be more in need than children who are estranged from their parents and forced to fend for themselves. Yet, in the British town of Rotherham, young girls who sought counsel and protection from their government run programs were betrayed in the most heinous way.

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Mark Pryor's Radical Abortion Voting Record


When it comes to abortion, Mark Pryor represents a very conservative state.  A bill that passed both the Arkansas state house and senate last year required women to get an ultrasound before having an abortion; if the heartbeat was detected she would not be allowed to have the abortion performed. The bill, SB 134 or the "Heartbeat Act", was supported by 60% of Arkansas citizens, with 7% unsure if they supported the bill, while only 33% were opposed to the bill. So it might come as a surprise to the citizens of Arkansas to learn that their Senator, Mark Pryor, has such a radical voting record when it comes to abortion.

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