Third Party Candidates and Georgia

This morning, I read an article written by someone I consider a friend. It was in regards to the Senate race in Georgia and after reading it, I was a little disappointed. Let me be clear, I am not disappointed because I disagree with her statements. I am disappointed that there seem to be a few things missing in the assessment.

First, there are more than two candidates running for US Senate in Georgia. We do have a third candidate, Libertarian Amanda Swafford. But I did not see her name anywhere in the article, and feel it does a disservice to those interested in all candidates.

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Losing Ground Globally

Recently the Argentine President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, remarked to the press that the United States was out to kill her.  This past summer, Iraq began a decent into anarchy as ISIS gained more control in the region. West Africa continues to experience an epidemic of tremendous proportions as Ebola rages on, and is spreading to the United States and Europe. Thousands are protesting in the streets of Hong Kong, begging for more democratic processes as the Chinese government continues pursuing communist policies.  Where is America amidst all these international issues?

America is in the backseat.

One need not have an interventionist philosophy to understand that world events impact the home front.

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Elections Should be About Issues, Not Insults

The midterm elections are now less than a month away, and I am the least excited I have ever been.  I won’t say this election is the most important in our history, but I will note that our country is at a crucial crossroads. We are at a pivotal point as a society, and leadership, across all spectrums and party lines, is faltering.

The other day I received a call to participate in a political survey for the Georgia senate race. I jumped at the chance.  While the crux of the call focused on Georgia, the pollster did ask numerous questions on my support and opinion of national leaders and policy initiative from both political parties.  About halfway through the conversation, the pollster said “wow, no one is doing too well in your book.”  The comment was comical, true and tragic.

There are important issues plaguing our nation.  Yet, all that comes out of Washington and the media is a lot of loud noise. 

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Ten Lessons I Learned From The Ultimate Cancer Warrior

It’s October again, and time to not only bring awareness to breast cancer, but honor the women who have died from this terrible disease.

In May, my best friend Melissa Bourgeois passed away from breast cancer complications after a ten year struggle. She was thirty-eight years old. 

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If Girls Want To Be Treated Equally, Then We Need To Man Up and Quit Being So Sensitive All The Time

Girls, girls, girls. 


We want men to treat us like equals, I get that. I'm fortunate that I've only had a few of those rare experiences in my life where I knew I was being treated much differently because I'm a chick, and I didn't enjoy it one bit. What I did do was react in a way that didn't make me look insane, and in most cases, I didn't react at all. What I also didn't do was assume that, because of those few experiences, all men are sexist pigs and I am now a victim. 

In fact, I'm a little bit exhausted by women - mostly left-wing radical feminists - who spend so much time playing the victim. There are real victims in this world, and an article that attempts to help men better relate to women when it comes to sports is hardly something that victimizes women. Seriously. Enough Already. 

In case you haven't heard all the latest buzz, Men's Health Magazine put up a very short article entitled "The Secret to Talking Sports with Any Woman" yesterday for about a minute, a lot of women freaked out about it, and they quickly removed it from their website with apologies. Here it is, thanks to the Washington Post.

Not all women share your passion for sports, in case you hadn’t noticed. The reason? They need story lines.  

“Most women don’t care about stats,” says Andrei Markovits, Ph.D., coauthor of Sportista: Female Fandom in the United States. So while you’re enthusing about Dominic Moore’s scoring record, she’d rather hear about how he supported his wife’s battle with cancer—and even took a season off from the NHL at the height of his career. Treat your heroes as people and not just players on a field, and you’ll suck her in.

Just don’t expect her to wear the foam finger. 

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