How It’s Done: Transforming a Red-State Near You

Colorado, as it stands today, is in political limbo. While freedom loving natives choke on the purple haze of bureaucratic confusion, their voices, and choices are being stifled, as the political winds have been shifting abruptly from red to blue. 

The evidence of the transformation into a blue-brethren state like Illinois can be readily seen in the growing instances of strong-armed politics, regulations, and corruption. Yet, for some reason, that doesn’t seem to faze a large sector of the voting electorate. 

How can that be? 

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The Battlefield of Fundraising

The mid-term elections are now less than a week away, and for all the talk about serious issues facing the nation, research still suggests that elections come down to two things: name recognition and money.  There are certainly exceptions where the underdog wins the races.  However, these victories tend to be few and far between.  In the end, politics is a game that is won and lost on the battlefields of fundraising, name recognition and get out the vote efforts—and the Democrats are winning. 

In the last Presidential election Obama did not win because his policies were so well loved, and the Republicans did not lose because their policies are disliked.  Obama won because three million conservatives sat home on Election Day.  You may not like liberal policies, but you must admire their ability to rally money and get people to the polls on Election Day.  

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Stop Voter Suppression With This Great Tool

With the recent uproar over the pre-wiring of voting machines in Illinois, which allowed the machines to vote for only Democrats, many are asking about voter fraud and what can be done.  One organization has that answer.

True the Vote has developed a smart phone app called Vote Stand that allows voters to report voting irregularities, which leads to voter suppression.  You can get the free app at or through your phone’s app store.

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It's Time For Democrats To Examine Their Own Party

Militant and fascist.

Those two adjectives describe the modern Democratic Party.

By now you have heard of the battle in Houston between Annise Parker, the city’s first openly gay mayor,  and local Christians.

Here’s a brief synopsis: 

The City Council passed the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) in May, and it prohibits discrimination based on a list of protected characteristics, including sexual orientation and gender identity.

Opponents of the legislation, concerned about transgender men and women using their restroom of choice, launched a petition drive to put the issue on the November ballot. With only 17,269 signatures needed and 50,000 collected, opponents of the ordinance were poised to succeed, but the city threw out the signatures, citing “irregularities” and “problems.”

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Dear Mr. President, Please Don't Take Our Redskins

Dear Mr. President, 

You took our bows, you took our arrows, you even took away our land- but please please don't take away our Redskins!  

Would it be politically incorrect to tell you I'm white as a sheet in the winter, amber in the spring, red in the summer and though embarassing to admit, splotchy in the fall? I'm proud of my Cherokee heritage just as I'm proud of my Irish and Swiss heritage.

God made me to be me. 

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