“Like a Girl” Rocks the Nation: Thank you Sarah Palin!

Proctor & Gamble’s female empowerment campaign “Like a Girl” is sweeping social media and earning high accolades. Unlike the ill-fated ‘Ban Bossy’ crusade, this message exemplifies strength and self-confidence.

In an effective social experiment, P&G’s Always division illustrates how being told to run, throw, or fight like a girl holds a negative stigma. The experiment ends in an uplifting, “Why can’t 'run like a girl' also mean 'win the race'?”

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The Transformation Continues

It is difficult at times to determine which crisis du jour warrants the bulk of our concern, and in our attention-deficit disorder world, Americans are increasingly challenged to focus on one problem before being distracted with yet another headline-grabbing issue or scandal.

I have to wonder if this isn’t all by design. The Friday afternoon news dumps of late certainly appear to confirm my suspicions, and there are times I question just how many Americans even care.

In the midst of new information regarding Benghazi, “lost” IRS emails, the trading of terrorists who remain a threat to our nation, and the ISIS invasion of Iraq, the situation on our southern border has reached a crisis level and demands immediate action, yet there is no indication that the federal government seriously intends to stop the recent surge of illegal alien minors. Instead, the only efforts appear to involve the housing of the illegals in locations across the country.

According to Texas Governor Rick Perry, law enforcement is apprehending a thousand people a day, mostly from Central America, and these numbers are only from the state of Texas. Make no mistake; this is an invasion of epic proportions and will have a detrimental impact throughout our nation.

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Hobby Lobby Won the Battle, But a War Still Rages On

SCOTUS_BC.jpgTwo years ago the US Supreme Court dealt a huge blow to conservative Americans when it upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare).  Today the Court handed conservatives a win and stood up for the rights of all Americans to hold their religious beliefs without fear of government infringement.

The case involved three companies, most noticeably Hobby Lobby, and argued that the HHS mandate to provide four specific types of contraception was an infringement on the companies owner’s religious beliefs.  In a 5-4 decision the Court held that under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 closely held corporations are persons and therefore the government cannot compel them to abandon their religious beliefs and provide contraceptives when other avenues are available.  Essentially this ruling means that corporations that are not publically traded (i.e. a Wal-Mart like company does not qualify) are exempt from the contraception mandate of Obamacare because there are other avenues the government can employ in order to provide this service.   

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Harris v. Quinn: SCOTUS Ruling a WIN for Private Citizens

The Supreme Court ruling on Harris v. Quinn was issued today, striking down Illinois Governor Quinn’s attempt to force unionization on home care providers. Quinn’s executive order would have mandated that Pam Harris, a mom caring for her disabled son, and others like her, become state employees subject to pay compulsory union dues. Dues that would have to come out of the modest stipend needed for the care of their disabled loved-ones.

Harris v. Quinn was argued by staff attorneys at the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. The landmark ruling reaches beyond Illinois, rendering similar forced unionization schemes in at least 18 other states unconstitutional.

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Republicans vs. Democrats vs. Everyone Else

Are you Republican or Democrat?  It is not a question that many adults ask each other out loud.  However, as a teacher I have been asked this question many times by students.  Although, in my case it is normally more of an indictment rather than a question - ‘You’re Republican aren’t you?’ 

Though it is frowned upon to discuss personal beliefs in the classroom, I have a personal policy of always answering the kids honestly.  So I do, and while I certainly lean Republican I often find it hard to say ‘yes I am a proud member of the GOP,’ because the truth is, I am not a card carrying member.  I do not subscribe to the belief that all politics and policy live and die with the party.  I tend to form my opinions on a range of issues based on many different factors, none of which are ‘what does the party think?’ So where does that leave me as a voter in a nation driven by a two party system?

Often it leaves me choosing between the lesser of two evils.

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