Unfortunate Slander - How the Left Defames the Military

The Concert for Valor was the hottest ticket in Washington Tuesday night, as folks packed onto the National Mall to hear big musical names perform in honor of Veterans Day. Rock and country superstars Bruce Springsteen, Dave Grohl, and Zac Brown sparked controversy by collaborating on stage to sing “Fortunate Son”, a piercing antiwar anthem made famous by Creedence Clearwater Revival in 1969. Bruce, in particular, drove the crowd wild by screaming out the third verse as follows: 

Some folks inherit Star Spangled eyes

They send you down to war

And when you ask them, “How much should we give?”

They only answer, “more, more, more”

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This Veterans Day, Let There be Hope

For several years my family would take an annual trip to central Wisconsin for a summer get away over Independence Day. We’d visit during this time to take advantage of not only the beautiful lake, but also the fireworks, live music and other holiday festivities.

Luckily, friends that told us about this quaint little town and its mid-summer magic, made sure we knew that the 4th of July parade is something not to be missed. That morning, the village that looks like the setting from a Norman Rockwell painting is packed with Patriots vying for the best spot to see the local school band, community groups and service members who will toss candy and icy pops to eager onlookers.

As great as the local procession is, I always took a moment to spend by a statue that was gifted to the nearby park.

I love that statue.

I’d often sneak over to it to contemplate why someone would spend what I imagine was a large sum of money to adorn this otherwise sleepy little town with children saluting the flag - frozen in time.

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Just As We Begin To Forget How Great Thou Art, He Sends a Reminder

If you will remember, Smart Girl Politics warned readers in March of last year about the probable financial tragedy in America related to Detroit-based Ford Motor Company moving to Chongqing China (our first mention of Ford Motor Company’s move to China was in September, 2012). The author called for the wake up of America and suggested that we find resolve for this situation before it was too late. Several months later, after warning readers about the coming financial devastation, Americans saw the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in U.S. history.

This week marks 25 years since the fall of the Berlin wall, reminding us that only good will uphold and remain intact. Chaos and disorder will eventually crumble. Today, we are witnessing the beginning of resolution in Detroit as parties, both groups and individuals, come together in humility and compromise to begin taking responsibility for their fallen City. Actions like this pause America’s progression toward division and deters the domino effect of situations like this that lead to potential collapse. We’re taking our first baby step towards recovery as a nation with one firm foot on common ground.

So today, with a fresh start and a new house, let’s make a choice to re-train our focus onto what’s good and what’s right and upholding. We’re witnessing a hopeful awakening for our country, in more ways than one. 

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Midterm Success Means Opportunities, No Guarantees

Tuesday’s midterm election results were both exciting and historic for conservative Americans across the nation.  With wins that included gaining control of the US Senate, increasing the House majority to 243, growing Republican governorships to 31, and flipping 7 state legislative chambers to have control in 66 of the 99, the GOP has much to celebrate. That said, what do these results mean, given the low approval ratings of government officials, a marginally low voter turnout rate and a still deeply divided government?

It means opportunities, but not certainties.

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Let The Clinton/Warren 2016 Battle Begin

Has anyone besides the Washington Times noticed that Elizabeth Warren was more successful than Hillary Clinton during the mid-term election? More than likely, you didn’t notice, because you were busy working up until the last moment for your candidate of choice, or watching election returns and celebrating each GOP victory. But I, along with that one newspaper, was paying attention and I will say once again that I think Elizabeth Warren is the more “likable” candidate. I think she will give Hillary Clinton a run for her money in 2016.

Washington Times noted that Warren stumped or raised money for 11 Democrat candidates in 2014. Out of that 11, six won their contests and five lost. Clinton, on the other hand, stumped for or raised money for 24 Democratic candidates and 14 of those candidates lost their elections. That indicates that Warren is far more effective and “likable” than Clinton.

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