Castroism Has Won

The announcement that the USA will normalize relations with Cuba didn't go over very well with the Cuban American community largely based in Miami, Florida.  Cuban Americans quickly descended on Versailles Restaurant on Calle Ocho, where occasionally they gather to express their First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.  These rights don't exist in Cuba, why didn't the USA demand these rights be granted to the Cuban people?

The news that Alan Gross was released after five years of imprisonment is certainly good news. As a USAID contractor, he delivered computer equipment to the small Jewish community and set up internet access that circumvented the communist government censors.  Upon being caught and imprisoned, he was falsely accused of being a spy.

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The REAL Campus Rape Epidemic No One’s Talking About

Although you won’t hear it from the mainstream media, there’s credible data suggesting the incidents of sexual assaults occurring on college campuses has been declining for years. Despite hysterical cries of ‘rape culture’ from university elites, fledgling feminists, and political hacks, the line being consistently fed to Americans...that 1 in 5 campus girls have been raped, is utter hooey. 

The Bureau of Justice Statistics puts the latest 2013 numbers at 4.3 rapes for every 1,000 college women. This is significantly smaller than the 20% widely reported. The real numbers also show that non-students are at greater risk of being raped than those who are on campus.

While any amount of assaults is too high, this suggests the opposite of what is being drilled into the heads of Americans. When it comes to rape, a girl is safer on campus than not. 

Ironically, there's a real group of Millennials that currently fits into the 1 in 5 statistical mantra. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, “One in five young adults (ages 18 – 34) lives in poverty, up from one in seven in 1980” and is a record high. 

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Students Need To Suck It Up!

Unless you have been living under a rock the last couple of weeks, you have heard about students at Columbia Law School being told they could petition to delay their final exams if they were traumatized by the Ferguson and Staten Island Grand Jury findings.

Uh huh.

Well, here is a piece of advice to those students and anyone else looking for an excuse not to carry on with life: SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP! LIFE GOES ON!

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Get Over it Feminists – There IS Power in Pink

Militant feminism is everywhere, silencing this, banning that, and deciding what is best for you, and your children.

Now it seems there is a deep disdain for Disney and their enormously popular Elsa, the ice princess from the hit movie “Frozen.” But, Elsa’s just the beginning in a long list of targets as a growing movement that aims to rid the world of “gender specific” toys gains momentum.

In a misguided attempt to understand why girls are girls, and boys are boys, an article entitled The Innate Sexism of Christmas Toys cites a conspiratorial plot by the toy industry to keep women perpetually tethered to dolls and vacuum cleaners.

Clearly distraught that the short lived fad of gender-neutral toys never really caught on in the U.S., the author contemplates, “I wonder if it’s… connected to the way women’s roles in society are changing – as women’s roles expand, is this traditionalism’s last gasp?”

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You Won't Believe What the Labor Unions in Illinois are up to Now

Several months ago, Smart Girl Politics brought you the story of Pam Harris, a woman on a mission to protect her home and family from forced government intrusion. To say the least, Pam has been a dutiful mom and caregiver for her severely disabled son, Josh, since the day he was born.

Josh’s medical condition is disabling both mentally and physically, which means that she has to supervise or do just about everything for him. The daily rituals of getting dressed, showering, and eating, fill her days with little time left to spare. Simple tasks, like running an errand are monumental obstacles that need to be well planned in advance. Yet she finds the time, somehow, to manage his therapies, medications, and maneuver through countless hurdles that arise on regular basis. 

Why does she do it? 

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