Ukraine: Where East Meets West

On May 25th the Ukraine elected Petro Poroshenko as their new president in hopes that he could unify the country, bring an end to the violence, and steer the nation out of debt and into prosperity. Poroshenko has quite a task ahead of him.

However, during last week’s G7 Summit in Brussels leaders from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US, along with the leaders of the EU, pledged continued support for the Ukrainian people and denounced Russia’s influence in the contested regions.  It was announced at a press conference in Brussels that the IMF (International Monetary Fund) is in the process of approving $17 billion for the Ukraine, and that an estimated $18 billion in assistance and loans will be forthcoming from the G7 members. In addition, the White House announced that the US will be allocating an additional $48 million in assistance to the Ukraine to support “key reforms, build law enforcement capacity, and strengthen national unity.”  The addition of $48 million brings the total figure of US monetary assistance for the Ukraine to $184 billion since the crisis began this spring.

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Where Have All the Liberals Gone?

Anyone with an inkling of sanity knows that the world just doesn’t feel right. We have more division, more conflict, more poverty, more riots and more war. To put it mildly… things aren’t progressing the way they should.

Of course, the reasons behind this are complex. But I’ve long suspected that a huge part of the problem is that many of our country’s power-players aren’t who they say they are. Perhaps in some cases, they aren’t even who they believe they are.

Bill Maher alluded to this not long ago. While debating Arianna Huffington about the Progressive’s inclination to defend radical Islam while saying they support equal rights for girls, he told her…

“Where it becomes dangerous is that liberals like yourself do not stand up for liberalism.”


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Storming the Beaches: D-Day at 70

Today marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day, the allied invasion on the beaches of Normandy, France.  On this day in history 156,000 soldiers, sailors, and marines lead by US and UK commanders fought their way through occupied France in an effort to push back Germany and reclaim Europe.  The invasion of Normandy was a turning point in World War II, for up until that point Germany had maintained a strong hold on the majority of Europe.  The sacrifices of those involved in all waves of the Normandy invasion must never be forgotten. It was a bloody battle that lasted days and incurred heavy casualties, but ultimately the allies prevailed and paved the way for victory in Europe.

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Part Two: A Step Backwards

Let’s flip the coin. We have examined the possibility that the “Gang of 5” Taliban leaders released by the Obama Administration have no connection to al Qaeda, and supposed that in that context they posed only a risk to the stability of Afghanistan.  But what if they do have ties to al Qaeda?  What does that mean for the US, its citizens abroad, and the world as a whole?

For some, the memory of September 11, 2001 will forever be etched into the heart of their subconscious, but for others the memory seems to have faded as the years passed by, and then there is a generation growing that does not even remember the day.  The New York Times recently ran a poll that suggested approximately 68 percent of Americans are only slightly concerned about terrorism, 60 percent believe the government is prepared for another attack, and 48 percent feel we are securely protected.  These numbers can be examined two ways. One, the US has done a good job of curbing terrorism and protecting the country, or two, the American people are somewhat uninformed.

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What Happened to Parental Rights?

Parents_Rights.JPGYesterday, I was sent a link to a blog called "I. Am. The. Mom" by a mom, Christy Duffy, who took her daughter to a doctor's office that was requiring that the daughter have 5 minutes of "alone" time with the nurse. A sign in the waiting room read as follows:

Attention Parents of Adolescent Children Age 12y - 17y.

New Michigan Medical Records access laws have been put in place. This will require a nurse to have a short 5 minute conversation with your child.

We will explain the purpose and process at the time of the visit and answer any questions you may have.

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