The S.M.U.T. Tour: So Much Unnecessary Trash

This past Valentine’s Day marked the kick-off of Miley Cyrus’ “Bangerz Tour.”   For those not in the know, the Urban Dictionary lists the number one definition of “banger” as a song that is unbelievably awesome.  Therefore, she believes her tour is featuring awesome songs.  However, it’s not the songs, or an incredible vocal set that is making noise.  Rather, it’s the jaw-dropping performances and costumes to match. 

As though her controversial performance with Robin Thicke wasn’t offensive enough, Miley takes it to another level on this tour taking the stage in one of her naughtiest outfits to date: a marijuana-leaf-bedazzled, thonged onesie with a plunging neckline.  

During her February 14, Vancouver opening, Miley made things even raunchier by then bending over and giving everyone a look at her bare butt, and later gyrating all over a car that was wheeled out on stage.

Cringing yet?  This past weekend, Marie Claire Magazine posted some images from “Bangerz,” to a mixed response of 1,631 Likes, and with fifty-something comments, about a third of which protested the free publicity, and threatened to discontinue subscription.

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President Obama and the Politics of Equal Pay

President Obama is expected to sign two executive orders on Equal Pay for women today. The signing of these executive orders will correlate with what is called Equal Pay Day, the day that supposedly symbolizes how long it took for women to earn as much as men did the previous year.

The Huffington Post states that one executive order would "prohibit federal contractors from retaliating against employees who share their salary information with each other" and the other will "instruct the Department of Labor to create new regulations requiring federal contractors to report wage-related data to the government, in the hope that it will hold them more accountable for salary differences based on sex or race". 

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How My Dog Became A Campaign Consultant

I have spent an enormous amount of time and money learning from the best about campaigns. I’ve driven to so many conferences where training was offered in various parts of the country that I even killed a car. I’ve come home loaded with print-outs, books and worksheets full of knowledge and ideas, but my dog has hijacked all that knowledge, put it to use and is now being asked for advice on a few local campaigns.

Yes, you read that right. My dog has become a campaign consultant.

Over the years I’ve brought home the hard earned knowledge of others and sat down with Shasta - my golden lab - to study. We dutifully logged in for every online training seminar available and took notes together. She has helped vet candidates for various public offices and even written a few op-eds on those candidates. Now she’s taken all that knowledge and is putting it to good use to help some good people get elected.

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It's Moving Day

If you lived in a town like mine and had children, moving day for your family would be virtually inevitable. My town is quaint with a great community vibe and good governance. We pay a little more in taxes to gain sidewalks, parks, and nice public facilities. My children have grown up here, but soon it will be moving day for us like so many other families I know.

When you go out on any sunny day here, you can't help but notice all the young families with young children and strollers. But oddly enough, there are very few families of teens or young adults. My town is forever young, except for some retirees who are living out their life here since their adult children live elsewhere. Youth is invigorating in a community although not as invigorating for an economy. Professionals just starting out flock to this town. They start their families here...and then they leave.

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Palin Takes a Stand in Georgia

After endorsing Senate candidate Karen Handel earlier this week, Sarah Palin stepped up her involvement in the race by campaigning yesterday with Handel in Georgia.  This was Palin's first official campaign stop for the 2014 mid-term election season.

Check out her speech.

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