Will the Real Nebraska Conservative Please Stand Up...Minus the Rhetoric and Outside Endorsements?

Some folks may be aware of the outside money pouring into the Nebraska Senate race is mostly in support of Ben Sasse, who is attempting to promote himself as the 'Tea Party' candidate.   Those of us who have been the foot soldiers, on the ground since the very first rally that was held shortly after former Senator Ben(edict) Nelson moved the  Obamacare legislation forward against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of his constituents, are not going to go down without a grassroots fight! Yes, all of DC is amazingly adept in utilization of Alinsky tactics and have been using them to promote a candidate with many more ties to establishment GOP & DC elitists than any of the other three candidates running.

With less than 4 weeks until the primary vote here in Huskerland, the radio/television ads & interviews portray Mr. Sasse as the Libertarian-leaning, Tea Party dream come true candidate.  Much like the ads for our current President, voters are led to believe that he will be the candidate who will go to Washington, part the waters, repeal the Affordable Care Act, and promote smaller government.    

Well, I - along with Patrick Bonnett, chairman of Nebraska's conservative coalition (which includes the who's who of our state's Tea Party, Libertarian & Conservative leaders) - am more than a bit skeptical. In candidate Sasse, they have a guy who is very attractive, IF you believe all the rhetoric.

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Think Progress Plays Race Card Against ‘Air’


On April 17, Think Progress posted an article with a headline that read "Why Air Pollution is a Racial Issue."  This piece was written by Carmiah Townes who, according to her bio on the website, ”received a B.A. in political science from UCLA, where she also minored in cultural anthropology.”  It is apparent that Ms. Townes is educated, which makes her argument that air is racist just that more odd.

In her piece she writes, "A study produced by the University of Minnesota concluded that race is a determining factor in who is most affected by air pollution. Specifically, non-white people breathe air that is substantially more polluted than the air that white people breathe... people of color in the U.S. breath air with 38 percent more nitrogen dioxide in it than their white counterparts, particularly due to power plants and exhaust from vehicles." 

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Ungrateful Men and Feminists Politicize "World's Toughest Job" Commercial

Worlds_Toughest_Job.jpgCardstore released a commercial called "World's Toughest Job" which showed real interviews for a job that some applicants called "inhumane". The interviewer provided details about the job to the interviewee which included:

  • A 135 hour work week.
  • No breaks.
  • Standing all the time.
  • No sleep.
  • Working in chaotic conditions.
  • Increased workload during the holidays.
  • $0 salary.
  • No vacations.
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Vaccines: Is One Size Fits All Best for Our Kids?

Well, she’s at it again. Jenny McCarthy is talking about vaccines and recently commented in a Chicago Sun-Times Article,

 “I am not ‘anti-vaccine.’ This is not a change in my stance nor is it a new position that I have recently adopted. For years, I have repeatedly stated that I am, in fact, ‘pro-vaccine’ and for years I have been wrongly branded as ‘anti-vaccine.’ “

Anyone who has followed her on the subject and listened, would know she’s absolutely correct in defense of herself. Yet she’s still highly criticized and labeled an anti-vaccine fanatic as Michael Spector of The New Yorker said about her new job, “ “The View,” will be the show’s first co-host whose dangerous views on childhood vaccination may – if only indirectly – have contributed to the sickness and death of people throughout the Western World.” Aligning her as a leader of a deadly and “authoritatively discredited anti-vaccine movement.”

That’s quite a bold statement from someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about – at least when it comes to McCarthy’s position on the matter. 

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UPDATE: We say never forget....

USA Today is reporting that, in a move that is chillingly reminiscent of Nazi Germany, Jews in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk were asked to register by people handing out leaflets as they were exiting Passover services. The people handing out leaflets were wearing masks. 

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