Nuking Hypocrisy

There are times many times when one wants to repeatedly slam his head against the wall when he watches politics in play. When liberals are in action, the game is painful to watch...understandably so; they truly believe that the ends justify the means. Therefore, anything they say or do in the past is not applicable to the present.

Harry Reid and the enactment of the nuclear option on filibusters is a case in point.

Way back in history, when the Republicans controlled the Senate, they too considered enacting the nuclear option to overcome the resistance of those rascally Democrats. As could be expected, the
Democrats said the heavens would fall and the end of the republic would be at hand if the Republicans did something so nasty, so extreme. Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Joe Biden are all on record for opposing such a legislative maneuver.

Now, things are, of course, different.

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Ethics Charges Filed Against Texas Mom For Opposing C-SCOPE

A courageous mother in Texas has taken on the fight against C-SCOPE--the Texas version of what is more widely known as "Common Core", and whether nor not you agree with her, this story is infuriating.  Alice Linahan, who gives of her time with no compensation whatsoever for a cause she fully believes in, has had an ethics complaint filed against her for being compensated as an unregistered lobbyist.  

This is illegal in the state of Texas.

State Board of Education elected official/Microsoft paid lobbyist Thomas Ratliff had the nerve to file a false claim against Linahan. Fortunately the charges have been thrown out.

It seems Mr. Ratliff was more concerned about his own financial gain being at risk than what is best for our children’s education.   Mrs. Linahan is questioning his position and the obvious conflict of interest. (see link below)

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Why I Could Like Elizabeth Warren

There has been a great deal of speculation recently that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren could challenge Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2016 for the Democratic nomination for President. Most of the speculation centers around the fact that Warren is more likable than Clinton. The question bears asking, why is Warren more likable?

I began to take a hard look at Warren, putting aside the preconceived notions I developed during her run for Senate. What could possibly make me like Elizabeth Warren?

The first thing I noticed is her appearance. Let's be honest, ladies. The first thing we notice about a woman is the way she wears her hair, and what style of clothing she prefers. We naturally gravitate toward those who seem to share our sense of style. If I were going on appearance alone, Elizabeth Warren looks like someone I would be seen shopping or having lunch with. From the conservative cut of her clothing, her no-nonsense hairstyle, and minimal makeup give the appearance of someone with whom I might trade carpool duties. 

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You are Powerful. You are Influential. You are a Mother.

Strong. Powerful. Influential.  These words are not describing a politician, CEO, or world leader - these words are describing a mother.  

When we think of a mother the words powerful or influential rarely come to mind.  Loving, kind, gentle - these words come to mind, as they should, but the words describing the influence of a mother should also come to mind.

As a mother it is easy to feel insignificant - especially if you are a stay-at-home mom. Society has degraded and trivialized your position in the world.  According to society, the second you became a mother, and chose motherhood as your number one focus, your influence suddenly dwindled or dissipated all together.  

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Shining A Light on Wendy Davis

State Senator Wendy Davis is running for governor of Texas. She became a rising star among Democrats last summer after she staged a filibuster to kill an “anti-abortion” bill. Her 11 ½ hour talk-a-thon garnered national attention and catapulted her to fame, but few know the tragic story that preceded her swift rise to the top of the pro-choice pedestal.

I would like to introduce Kermit Gosnell, an abortionist who operated the Women’s Medical Society in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The clinic serviced abortion patients on the first floor, and family practice patients on the second floor. Dr. Gosnell operated the clinic for almost four decades until February 2010 when police raided his clinic to investigate claims of prescription drug fraud. During the raid, police found much more than forged prescription pads. His clinic was dubbed a “house of horrors” after police discovered a macabre scene of filth, putrid odors, and dismembered babies. 

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