What Happened to Parental Rights?

Parents_Rights.JPGYesterday, I was sent a link to a blog called "I. Am. The. Mom" by a mom, Christy Duffy, who took her daughter to a doctor's office that was requiring that the daughter have 5 minutes of "alone" time with the nurse. A sign in the waiting room read as follows:

Attention Parents of Adolescent Children Age 12y - 17y.

New Michigan Medical Records access laws have been put in place. This will require a nurse to have a short 5 minute conversation with your child.

We will explain the purpose and process at the time of the visit and answer any questions you may have.

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Work It Like A Girl: the President Gets Physical

When I first saw the article come out detailing President Obama's workout routine as seen in a Polish gym, my immediate thought was "are we really going to make fun of the President's WORKOUT?...aren't there enough real issues to talk about?"

But then, I watched the video.

While I'm nowhere near being in the shape I once was, I have done a great deal of lifting in my lifetime, even a pretty lengthy stint at Crossfit. I'll just say this: my Crossfit warmup made this workout look like something that might take place over at Curves. (absolutely no offense to the ladies at Curves)

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The Culture War Starts at Home

America’s culture war won’t be won by conservatives collaborating with a counterculture bent on the destruction of the civil society. Hollywood, the music industry, the arts, and education are all controlled, to a large extent, by a Godless liberalism. Consorting with the promoters of falsehood won't result in the triumph of truth.

Infiltrating P. Diddy’s posse and whispering conservative platitudes in his ear won’t win the culture war.

Culture begins and ends with the family. It is axiomatic that stable families, composed of a husband, wife, and children, promote social and economic success. The traditional nuclear family is the bedrock of morality and, as such, shapes the character of culture. One need only to examine the impact of the destruction of the nuclear family in the African-American community to see the tragic results of government welfare programs and the resulting cultural rot. Black fathers have become a rare commodity in the home. The imbalance creates a long list of social ills and directly contributes to a morally bereft subculture, celebrating violence, rape, murder, and every other form of criminality. The civil society is destroyed, and with it, the ability to function democratically--liberty decays into license and the state expands to enforce order. The spiral of decay is perpetuated by liberal politicians who make merchandise of misery by addicting constituents to the dole, thereby ensuring their dependence on the state and on those who administer it.

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Rising Healthcare Rates Hurting North Carolina Business

Americans are figuring out that the Affordable Health Care Act seems to be anything but affordable. With looming deadlines and regulations yet to be implemented, it is putting small business owners in a problematic place.

Take for instance, North Carolina Salon owner, Julia Vittorio who was living her American Dream. Proud to have provided healthcare for her employees whom she considers family, she’s now facing the likely difficult position of having them pay more due to rising rates.

“It’s frustrating and scary.” says one of her stylists. “I don’t really know. I don’t really know what I would  do…”

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Mad Men falls off the Balcony to a Disappointing End (Spoiler Alert)

The cult favorite drama, AMC’s Mad Men, aired its 2014 finale over Memorial Day Weekend; following the lead of its network counterpart Breaking Bad, the second half of Mad Men’s final season will air in April 2015.  I watched Sunday night’s mid-season finale with great anticipation, to see how show creator Matthew Weiner would set up the end of the compelling story he has told about the one of the most consequential decades in American life, the 1960’s, through the eyes of a fascinating and complex – yet utterly commonplace – set of characters.  When I was done watching the show, I was utterly disappointed.

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