The VA Scandal Provides A Glimpse Into the Future

VA.jpgAs another Memorial Day passes us by, I am reminded that soldiers are dying. However, it is not the soldiers on the battlefield who, at this moment, come to mind; it is the soldiers who have been neglected and forgotten by the very entity that was created to help them - The Department of Veterans Affairs

In recent weeks and months, story after story has surfaced about backlogs of patients who were never seen, allegations of patient abuse, death due to lack of care, drug dealing, and fraud. Here are just a few of the headlines that have been spread across the internet: "Miami VA Whistleblower: Drug Deals, Abuse at Hospital", "New Allegation Of Patient Deaths At Miami VA", "Report tied previous VA cancer deaths to delayed care", and "Delayed care, fraud point to ailing VA health system". The list could go on and on and on.  Yet, even as the evidence mounts against The Department of Veterans Affairs and the corrupt system it has in place, no one has taken responsibility. 

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PC Police Strike Again: The Word "Girl" Deemed Offensive

PC_Police_1.jpgWhen you think you have heard it all when it comes to the epidemic that is sweeping the globe to be politically correct, something new and even more ridiculous pops up and makes you wonder if there is any sanity left in the world. The latest culprit in political correctness gone wild is none other than Great Britain media giant, The BBC. The British Broadcasting Company censored the word "girl" on a re-airing of a documentary called the Commonwealth Games. According to the Daily Mail,

"During the programme, presenter Mark Beaumont, 31, was flung to the ground by a young judo champion, and joked: ‘I am not sure I can live that down – being beaten by a 19-year-old-girl.’

His remarks were aired in full when the documentary, called The Queen’s Baton Relay, was first broadcast on the BBC News Channel in April.

But fearing viewers might take offence, the corporation decided to edit out the word ‘girl’ when it was repeated last week".

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Under Communism, Earwax is all One Can Afford

Earwax eater and Florida Democrat congressman Joe Garcia has claimed that “Communism Works.”  In a Google chat that was uploaded onto YouTube by the America Rising PAC, a Republican PAC founded in 2013, Congressman Garcia implied that for all of the Republican's talk on limited government, the United States has been pouring money into border cities and adding, “Let me give you an example, the kind of money we’ve poured in,” he said. “So the most dangerous — sorry, the safest city in America is El Paso, Texas. It happens to be across the border from the most dangerous city in the Americas, which is Juarez. Right? He continued making a fool of himself by adding, “And two of the safest cities in America, two of them are on the border with Mexico… And of course, the reason is we’ve proved that Communism works. If you give everybody a good government job, there’s no crime.”

For an American congressman to credit communism for safe border cities should speak volumes of the power trip Democrats are on and how they like to cherry pick success stories to back up their agenda.  El Paso can indeed boast low crime.  It is a city that is predominately Latino, but its low crime rates have nothing to do with communism.

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The Americans Finale Shows a Universal Truth (Spoiler Alert)

One of my favorite TV shows these days is The Americans, on FX. Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys star as a pair of Soviet spies under deep cover in Northern Virginia in the early 1980’s. The KGB paired them up in the early 1960’s and introduced them to each other with the American names of Elizabeth and Philip, American accents, and fully American backstories. They moved to America, had two children together, and only now – after twenty years of marriage and countless successful and dangerous spy missions – are slowly opening up to each other about their past life in Russia. It is a fascinating show and I will really miss it while it is on hiatus.

The season finale aired on Wednesday, May 21st, and it was action packed. In one of the most shocking moments of the season, Elizabeth and Philip’s lives are saved by Jared, the son of Emmett and Leeann, another pair of KGB deep cover spies who were brutally murdered at the beginning of the season.  Jared himself dies in the process, but not before confessing to Elizabeth and Philip that it was he that shot his parents, because they objected to the KGB’s overtures to groom Jared himself into a deep cover spy.

This news is shocking enough, but Elizabeth and Philip are floored to learn soon after, from their contact with Moscow, that the KGB has designs to groom their 14 year old daughter, Paige, into the deep cover spy that Jared would never get to be.  

The parents chafe, and strenuously object to this order from Moscow. Elizabeth says, “It’s up to us…She’s our daughter.” But Claudia, their contact with Moscow, replies in a chilling, matter of fact fashion: “Paige is your daughter. But she’s not just yours. She belongs to the cause and to the world. We all do. You haven’t forgotten that, have you?” 

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Are We Seriously Having A Conversation About Paid "Menstrual Leave"?

Last week, The Atlantic re-ignited a question so many of us are NOT thinking about -- should paid 'menstrual leave' should be a thing? 

Huffington Post quickly jumped on board during one of their HuffPost Live episodes, asking if paid "menstrual leave" is special treatment, or a necessary benefit?

According to Rebecca Watson from, the premise is biased. She thinks, instead, that the question needs to be "should men get paid time off if they get kicked in the testicles?...What we're talking about is just simple workers rights..." She continued by suggesting a worker should be given unlimited sick days, because they'd "take fewer, be happier and more productive." A listener going by the name "gaydood" weighed in, saying he was in full support and Mikki Kendall, representing, said that in her opinion, workers need more paid leave. She then she brought race into the discussion, saying women of color are more likely to have endometriosis and fibroids, and agreed with the first guest who suggested unlimited paid sick time for workers. 

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