Liberals and Radical Feminists Hide behind Make Believe Misogyny


If I received a nickel every time some liberal talking head screamed War on Women, I could pay off our country’s $17 trillion dollar debt.  Everything is a war on women.  You don’t like taxpayer funded abortions?  Then you obviously want women back in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.  You want women to pay for their own birth control?  You are most certainly a white male Republican oppressor who doesn’t understand that liberal women’s vaginas have a voice too.  However, the latest attempt to give vaginas an even louder voice happened when liberal talking bobble head Dafna Linzer mentioned, on the fake news network MSNBC, that she hopes so much that the big mean white Republican men question Hillary Clinton on Benghazi so Democrats can do what they do best, run their campaign themes on make believe misogyny. 

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Dear Child, You're Worth It

As the clock ticks towards towards 2 a.m. and I stare bleary eyed at my beautiful and now peacefully sleeping daughter, I realize - she's worth it.

She's worth the countless late nights, lost sleep, and energy I once possessed before she entered the world.Sleeping_Baby.JPG

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Why Young People Should Support Dr. Carson for President

by Amanda Griffiths

When it comes to our nation’s hyper-partisan political gridlock, economic stagnation, massive debt, and record unemployment, no one has been hit harder—and for no one will be the impact be so great—than for Millennials. The broken promises of the current administration have left our generation wary of what has begun to amount to a Washington aristocracy: an elite class of career politicians alienated from their constituents by an overgrowth of insider interests and an undervaluation of real-world experience. More than a puppet of any political party, Millennials seek a strong leader in the White House: one who values the integrity, individual initiative, and freedom that has always made America great. 

This is why Millennials should rally behind Dr. Ben Carson for the 2016 Republican nomination. A world-renowned neurosurgeon with a deep love for his country, Dr. Carson has the practical experience and clear vision necessary to empower all Americans toward solving our nation’s greatest challenges.

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Single Mom Pays Off All Students' Lunch Balances

School_Lunch.jpgA single mom in Michigan has payed off all the students' lunch balances after her son was refused lunch for having a negative balance in his own account.  

Amanda Keown of Dowagiac, Michigan said that she didn't realize her son had a negative balance in his lunch account until a cafeteria worker, not only refused him lunch, but took the food he was carrying and threw it away.

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Moms Who Inspire Me

I was asked to write about Mother’s Day and to talk about a woman/mother who has inspired me.  I wrote last year about my grandmother, and what an amazing woman she was.  

I could write about any number of women, conservative women in particular, who have inspired me.  I almost felt that was too cliché.  Then it came to me as I was reading some responses to a post I made last night.  The people in the past year who have inspired more than anyone are this incredible group of women at Smart Girl Politics. 

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