Economy Shrinks: What Happened to Recovery?

Graph.pngAmericans are still feeling the effects of the great recession and now they are getting squeezed again. The economy shrunk by 1% in the first quarter of 2014. This is the first time the economy has contracted since 2011, however, this contraction reveals just how fragile the United States economy continues to be.

According to USA Today, "Economists expected the report to show that the nation's output declined about a half a percentage point compared to the fourth quarter" while the Commerce Department estimated a .1% increase. Either way, both estimates were substantially off.

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Federal School Lunch Program Championed by First Lady Gets Mixed Reviews

There are mixed reviews about Michelle Obama’s healthy school lunch initiative.  For some schools, it is simply costing too much money in general. For others, the decline in students who buy lunch due to the food lunches has hurt them economically.  Yet others have complained the kids don’t eat the food and end up throwing much of it away.  There are still some who are very happy with the changes. 

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Constituting America. Let’s Do This!

After celebrating Memorial Day, what better way to honor those who’ve sacrificed their lives for freedom than to teach our children about the importance of our Constitution? All too often, that is not being done in our schools or in the daily barrage of messaging that comes from media and pop culture.

It’s up to parents to instill the principles of limited government and individual liberty to future generations. While a handful of patriotic holidays offer a special opportunity to engage our children, it will take more than one or two days a year to drive the point home.

That’s why we’re excited to tell you about, Constituting America’s, ‘We the Future Contest’ for your kids. 

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CNN Anchor Claims FLOTUS Signed Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act Into Law

During yesterday's edition of CNN Newsroom, anchorette Carol Costello was making remarks on the resistance to federal mandates requiring that students be served healthier food in schools. During her commentary, she claimed First Lady Michelle Obama signed the 2010 Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act into law. 

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Daughter of Immigrants is Proud to be an American, Tells Her Family's Story

My husband & I come from different backgrounds. Born in Washington D.C., I'm the youngest daughter of Cuban/Chinese exiles that arrived in the United States in 1960. My husband was born and raised in Castro’s communist Cuba. My sister and I grew up in touch with our Cuban/Chinese roots, but very well aware of how lucky we were to be here in the United States. Since we were very young, our parents taught us to love our country.  

Yes, the U.S.A. is our country and we both feel it deeply.

We grew up understanding that communism is wrong on many levels.  We grew up hearing about family members that we would not meet for many years, not just from Cuba but also from China. We understood early on what a privilege freedom is, and how wonderful it is to work hard and be able to achieve goals. We understood what a privilege it is to be able to say what you feel and not have to suffer any consequences. My sister and I both enjoy politics and share the same views.

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