Super Tuesday Not So Super

This past Tuesday, March 6, 2012, America placed themselves in front of the news to find out who would score big in the ten states holding their primaries. The results would show the number of delegates that each candidate would secure and in essence it would show who would ultimately have the best chance in wining the Republican parties' presidential nomination. 


SInce the 1970s Super Tuesday has been known as the tuesday in early March where the most states hold their Presidential primaries. The importance of this day is how it typically shapes the presidential race dramatically in showing which candidate will do well enough to win the presidential nomination for their party. 


The results this year were less then satisfying for the average American. With even Mitt Romney, the frontman, doing just barley well enough in securing only 6 out of 10 states and Santorum, who won 3 states, doing well enough to stay in the race. While many would be happy to finish this see-saw race and start focusing on beating Obama the primary results have not been strong enough to make this happen. 


For now it appears that Conservatives will have to continue to wait and see what will happen in this up and down race. 

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