Democrats Never Learn, Accuse Female Congressional Candidate of Never Having a "Real Job"

B_Com_2.jpgDemocrat congressional candidate for Virginia's 10th Congressional District, John Foust, slammed his opponent, Republican Barbara Comstock, for never having a "real job". Earlier this week at a campaign stop for his aptly named Women's Priorities Tour in Leesburg, Virginia, he said that Comstock's job creating priorities were, in her mind, "giving tax benefits to special interests and the super wealthy. I don’t think she’s even had a real job.”

While the accusation is grossly untrue, even in the technical sense, his accusations went far beyond the length of Comstock's resume. 

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Morphine Promises and Socialistic Dreams

Is Mark Pryor another victim of manipulation by the president? In the name of a law that has no place in this country and that will inevitably destroy our economy, this man, Mark Pryor, seems not only willing to set aside American values, but he’s also willing to lose his freedom of choice, along with all those who count on him to represent their political voice in Washington. It has been almost one year since Obama and the individuals he manipulates, like Mark Pryor, took America on a serious wrong turn into a deep, dark, muddy puddle of socialism. 

Zero negotiation. That’s our new America! This is the change we were promised and that is the very puddle into which Mark Pryor may (intentionally or not) be using to help destroy America as we know it.

Refusing to be stripped of our personal liberties, we who disagree, are called terrorists and anarchists. However, proven Conservatives are not the individuals with disassociated American values. It is unfortunate to have to point out that, as evidenced by open voting records, Mark Pryor’s values have proven to be just the opposite of what his campaign portrays. 

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Journalist's Murder Aired on World Humanitarian Day

WHD.jpgAugust 19th was World Humanitarian Day.  Though not a recognized holiday, the designation was established by the United Nations to “recognize those who face danger and adversity in order to help others…and to celebrate the spirit that inspires humanitarian work around the globe.”  Sadly, the same day also produced reports of the murder of journalist James Foley at the hands of ISIS.  Today the White House confirmed that the gruesome video depicting the murder of Foley is authentic.  While journalists are not typically considered humanitarian workers, many put themselves in dangerous situations in order to report on important issues.  Foley took an assignment on the front lines, in a region known to be dangerous in order to “show the world the true situation for the Syrian people.”  His hope, similar to others like him, was that the attention he brought to the situation would bring about change.

The desire to help others is at the heart of humanitarianism, and the cost of that desire should never be one’s life. 

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Politics of “The Pill”

It’s election season, which means the supposed Republican War On Women will be ramping up.

If you're of the female persuasion, prepare to be pandered to, coddled, swooned, and bedazzled for your highly coveted vote. This November’s critical mid-term election will no doubt bring out the worst, and if we’re lucky... the best in politics.

Either way, it’ll be something to behold.

Nothing ignites the astro-turf War On Women narrative more than the topic of birth control. The recent Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling that voted in favor of religious liberty (and freedom!) is proof of that.

However, if you’re someone who’s trusting of the mainstream media and pop-culture-buzz about such news, the Supreme Court decision could have thrown you for a loop. You may have found yourself feverously tweeting the injustice of rich ole’ Republican men wanting to take women back to the stone age.

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Sen. Mark Pryor Releases Pro-Obamacare Ad

No, you did not read the headline incorrectly. Senator Mark Pryor (D-Ark) just released a new ad touting his decision to vote for Obamacare. 

While Pryor never says "Obamacare" or "Affordable Care Act" in the ad, he refers to passing a "law" that "prevents insurance companies from cancelling your policy if you get sick" or to "deny coverage for pre-existing conditions". Of course, he fails to mention the thousands of policies that were canceled due to Obamacare or the millions of insurance rates that went up to cover the litany of healthcare items that many Americans will never need or use.

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